Advice on migrating Sakai patterns to the OSDPL

We are currently in the process of bringing the Sakai UI Design Patterns into the OSDPL. As part of this process, we want to edit the patterns for generality, making sure they'd apply across different communities and don't contain too much Sakai-specific information.

Here is some advice on migrating the patterns:

  • Edit for consistency (e.g. one pattern used "tool tip" and "tooltip" in its text)
  • Remove references to "Sakai" and log them on this page. We may want to revisit them in the future if we add community-specific sections to design patterns.
  • In most cases, you will want to change the primary solution image to an image of a Fluid component
  • Make sure any citations are properly given (e.g. one pattern pulled the "How" section directly from Yahoo!)
  • Add any new references to "This pattern in other collections." Any pattern cited here should be substantively the same as the OSDPL pattern.
  • Add tags
  • Make sure the "Solution" is a short description of the solution. In many cases, you'll want to move part of what was the Sakai pattern's solution to "How."
  • The Sakai "Why" section is analogous to the OSDPL "Rationale" section.
  • Check the Sakai wiki for Example images, as these were not initially entered. If possible, remove any examples of patterns in non-open source systems (e.g. Microsoft). If you work on a pattern with an example like this, please discuss its removal with the OSDPL Working Group, at a group meeting or on the fluid-talk mailing list.