Michelle's Decapod 0.3 Features, Limitations, and Issues List

Post 0.3 TODO

General tasks

  1. Move the decapod server from the Fluid svn to the mercurial repository
  • Note that currently there is some tight binding between the server, the client and the testdata.
  • After the move, ensure that the decapod components still work when loaded from the file system.

Client tasks

  1. Styling updates FLUID-3503, FLUID-3513, FLUID-3514, FLUID-3520
  2. Reorderer scroll FLUID-3523
  3. Confirmation dialogs. FLUID-3497, FLUID-3499
  4. Keyboard shortcuts. FLUID-3502
  5. Add feedback for export - progress bar, status message, save dialog FLUID-3506, FLUID-3548
  6. Page order dialog. FLUID-3541

Server tasks

  1. Deal with the repetition between server and mockserver. FLUID-3526
  2. Create appropriate directories for captured images and file names. FLUID-3538
  3. Change to using pexpect to spawn gphoto shells for taking pictures. FLUID-3536
  4. Move directory and file checks to server init. FLUID-3537
  5. Split spreads into left and right. FLUID-3540
  6. Post processing in the background. FLUID-3522, FLUID-3545
  7. Refactoring
  • Create a filename generation function to replace the current inline filename generation
  • Generalize status checks
  • Generalize directory creation


  1. Persist the model of a book instead of holding it in memory in the server
  2. Upon server start up, read the book model instead of starting new each time


  1. Delete sometimes does not delete the image. FLUID-3521
  2. Selecting continue on the camera detection dialog does not take a picture. FLUID-3534
  3. With a single camera attached, turning the camera on causes an error. FLUID-3555