fluid-work IRC Logs-2011-07-15

[07:42:33 CDT(-0500)] <huslage> bit of a problem with the network at ocad, folks. trying to figure out what's going on.
[07:47:26 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> huslage: thanks
[07:47:37 CDT(-0500)] <huslage> ok i think it's fixed now
[08:41:04 CDT(-0500)] <heidi_> Justin_o i filed http://issues.fluidproject.org/browse/FLUID-4343 last night and set as blocker
[08:59:05 CDT(-0500)] <heidi_> huslage : thanks!
[09:10:11 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> heidi_: which version of ie does that happen in?
[09:10:23 CDT(-0500)] <heidi_> Justin_o would've been IE8
[09:11:04 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> heidi_: thanks.. i'll try to test that out (sad)
[09:11:05 CDT(-0500)] <huslage> sure heidi_ sorry it was late
[09:12:00 CDT(-0500)] <heidi_> huslage totally cool. are we doing the single sign on thing with CAS or will that come later
[09:12:10 CDT(-0500)] <huslage> we'll get there
[09:12:21 CDT(-0500)] <heidi_> Justin_o i'm wondering if it's the refresh function or something
[09:37:32 CDT(-0500)] <heidi_> cindyli i didn't figure out the solution to the class="" issue. can you take it on?
[09:38:13 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> heidi_: that's ok. i will look into it later
[09:38:18 CDT(-0500)] <heidi_> thanks
[09:38:39 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> np. thanks for granting hands, heidi_ (smile)
[09:43:49 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> heidi_: hi do you know a little bit about the changeApplier?
[09:44:10 CDT(-0500)] <heidi_> lahabana a little bit - what's up?
[09:44:32 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> well in my model I've got an array
[09:44:46 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> and I want to change only one element of this later
[09:45:36 CDT(-0500)]

<lahabana> but I can't really pass a request like that:

Unknown macro: {path}

[09:45:43 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> as x would be a variable
[09:45:58 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> do you know how I could avoid that?
[09:46:35 CDT(-0500)] <heidi_> Justin_o thoughts on charly's issue ^ ?
[09:48:10 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> heidi_ I could change the whole array but it would be doing a lot for so few...
[09:50:17 CDT(-0500)] <heidi_> lahabana i'm sorry i wish i was more experienced with this. cindyli are you able to advise charly?
[09:50:32 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> it's ok
[09:51:44 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> well seems like nobody is avaible for the moment (wink)
[09:51:50 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> I'll try later
[09:51:56 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> lahabana: i'm trying to understand your question (smile)
[09:52:05 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> ho ok sorry cindyli
[09:52:18 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> np, sorry for being quiet
[09:52:34 CDT(-0500)]

<cindyli> lahabana: what do u mean by: I can't really pass a request like that:

Unknown macro: {path}

[09:52:50 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> well the x is a variable
[09:53:31 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> what I want is only to change the element x in my array which is i my model
[09:54:18 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> lahabana: ok. sounds about a usage of the changeApplier
[09:54:26 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> yes
[09:54:32 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> let me find u some example code
[09:54:50 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> the request given is in a fireChangeRequest call
[10:02:08 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> lahabana: here u go - https://github.com/fluid-project/infusion/blob/master/src/webapp/components/uiOptions/js/UIOptions.js#L385-402
[10:02:19 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> thx (smile)
[10:02:25 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> i can explain a bit when u have the page open
[10:02:45 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> heidi_: sorry.. i was off working with harriswong and looking into the uio issue
[10:02:56 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> so the problem actually is that the cookie doesn't work in IE
[10:04:01 CDT(-0500)] <heidi_> Justin_o but it works for the non-iframe page - why is that?
[10:04:43 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> cindyli: I understand that thx but my issue is that I don't want to change the whole array
[10:04:48 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> just an element of it
[10:05:40 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> do I make sens?
[10:06:26 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> lahabana: cannot u do the similar like line 385-387 by generating a new model with the changed element then reqestChange?
[10:06:43 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> heidi_: no idea... the unit tests for the cookie store are also failing..
[10:07:44 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> well regenerating a whole model for a single field change seem quite a loss of power
[10:07:45 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> no?
[10:08:46 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> heidi_: did you try refreshing the page to see if the changes stick around?
[10:12:52 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> also I was wondering is there a way when usng
[10:13:11 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> initDependents to have a debug mode or something of the kind
[10:13:20 CDT(-0500)] <heidi_> Justin_o didn't refresh. don't have my win laptop here to confirm. can you?
[10:13:38 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> cause the Js error are not really useful (wink)
[10:14:19 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> heidi_: i tried it with fat panel and it doesn't save the cookie.. i can check with the other demos
[10:14:33 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> heidi_: is that what you meant by non-iframe page?
[10:15:33 CDT(-0500)] <heidi_> Justin_o all i noticed was that UIO itself wasn't preserving the styling. didn't try refreshing the page to see if it was preserved in general
[10:15:49 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> heidi_: ah okay. yes.. i tried this, and it wasn't
[10:15:54 CDT(-0500)] <heidi_> boo
[10:16:24 CDT(-0500)] <heidi_> Justin_o is it only IE8 or 9 too?
[10:16:33 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> heidi_: IE9 too
[10:16:42 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> i'm going to try to play with the cookie to see what's up
[10:16:51 CDT(-0500)] <heidi_> Justin_o other UIOs working? full w and w/o preview?
[10:17:01 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> heidi_: haven't tried yet
[10:17:59 CDT(-0500)] <heidi_> lahabana try using "cindyli" in yr msgs to get her attention (wink)
[10:18:14 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> ho ye cheers (wink)
[10:19:27 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> lahabana: i see ur point
[10:20:11 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> cindyli: after I don't know maybe copying a model is really quick thx to the framework
[10:20:27 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> lahabana: for debugging you can use fluid.setLogging(true);
[10:20:32 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> lahabana: one way worth to try, even i haven't tried but i feel making sense
[10:20:47 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> ok
[10:20:51 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> is using - that.applier.requestChange("path.myArray", x);
[10:20:53 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> where do you put that line?
[10:20:57 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> anywhere?
[10:21:08 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> lahabana: ?
[10:21:19 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> the following line?
[10:21:19 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> that.applier.requestChange("path.myArray", x)
[10:21:36 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> lahabana: if you mean the logging.. put it at the top of your file.. somewhere after you have the fluid object
[10:22:02 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> ok thx
[10:22:56 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> cindyli I'm not sure about your line cause x is the indice not the value of what needs to be changed
[10:23:14 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> lahabana: u r right
[10:23:19 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> x is not the value
[10:24:03 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> well it seems like I have to copy the full array everytime
[10:24:36 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> ya, i know
[10:26:09 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> cindyli well thx for your help (smile)
[10:26:53 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> np, lahabana. will let u know if a better solution prompts up (wink)
[10:27:05 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> ok thx
[10:32:34 CDT(-0500)] <jhung> stand-up?
[12:20:42 CDT(-0500)] <heidi_> need to split for a bit to go to a chiropractor appt - bbs
[13:31:15 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> cindyli: what's the status of your two pull requests?
[13:31:50 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> michelled: working on 4317
[13:32:06 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> not sure what's the other pull request. let me find out
[13:32:51 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> Justin_o, heidi_: not sure I'm the right one to review the css changes in 4331 - what do you think?
[13:33:34 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> michelled: ok the other one is 4324, as u suggested, need a unit test. haven't got there yet. it will come after 4317
[13:33:40 CDT(-0500)] <heidi_> michelled i think just making sure it looks okay in diff browsers would be enough, and that there's no duplication in the files?
[13:34:14 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> heidi_: ok - I'm guessing you already checked it indifferent browsers yes?
[13:34:22 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> cindyli: ok, thx
[13:34:30 CDT(-0500)] <heidi_> michelled yep i did
[13:34:36 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> cool thx
[13:34:45 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> np, michelled
[13:43:04 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> michelled: i just submitted a pull-request https://github.com/fluid-project/infusion/pull/109
[13:43:09 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> for FLUID-4343
[13:43:18 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> ok Justin_o - I'll look at it soon
[13:43:45 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> michelled: thanks