Contributing Design

How to contribute to design  

Design within the Fluid community is done in an open, transparent, and collaborative manner. All are welcome to contribute design thoughts, feedback, files, etc. to the community and all are encouraged to participate through the various communication channels.

Design is not done in any one place within the Fluid community, but all work is done in an open space that can be shared broadly. The work should be regularly presented to the larger community (with an intention of getting feedback or ideas). Designers should use appropriate communication channels to update the community with design progress, share current work, receive feedback, share and discuss ideas, ask questions about technical feasibility, and so on.

Best practices:
  • use a service that allows collaborators to openly share file iterations with the rest of the community while maturing design thinking 
  • at the point where the design is being presented, the file and any accompanying narrative is uploaded to the wiki and preserved there as a milestone in the design work

Sample Design Artifacts 

Design on Fluid projects produce a wide range of artifacts, both in-process and final delivery. The following list outlines and provides examples of some of the more common artifacts. The list should not be construed as a comprehensive catalog of artifacts that should be produced, but rather as a representative sampling of the artifacts that come out of Fluid's design process.

User testing
Style & interactive guide

(star) In progress design files can be currently found in this Dropbox folder and older design files can be found in the Fluid SVN repository.

Get in touch with designers through the and the mailing lists. Feel free to ask question, make comments, and join in on discussions.

Check out the Collaborate page for more ways to get involved!