fluid-work IRC Logs-2011-07-12

[08:14:55 CDT(-0500)] <huslage> morning
[08:16:53 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> morning
[08:24:15 CDT(-0500)] <jessm> a.m.
[08:35:36 CDT(-0500)] <heidi_> hey Justin_o when you view fatpanel demo in your 4331 is the font size large?
[08:35:43 CDT(-0500)] <heidi_> i think something changed w yr update maybe
[10:29:14 CDT(-0500)] <harriswong> fluid-everyone: reminder: GSoC evaluation due this friday.
[10:34:31 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> colinclark_: Hi, are u busy?
[10:49:32 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> hi lahabana
[10:49:36 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> I have a few minutes to chat
[10:49:48 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> We're hosting a jQuery UI accessibility Hackathon here torday
[10:49:51 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> so people are a bit distracted
[10:51:22 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> colinclark: ok thanks
[10:51:28 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> I've just sent you an email
[10:51:57 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> I'm thinking about the Shared model you talked to me about
[10:52:29 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> and I was wondering if it should be a separated component
[10:52:43 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> or included to the already existing fluid.videoPlayer
[10:52:57 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> What would it do, as a component, lahabana?
[10:53:10 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> not much in fact
[10:53:21 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> it would be a modelComponent
[10:53:45 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> so just fire and listen to the events that will be created by the changeApplier
[10:54:18 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> colinclark: sorry I have a really bad connection today
[10:54:23 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> no worries
[10:54:40 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> You might factor it this way
[10:54:43 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> but I'm not sure you need to
[10:55:59 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> the key is to delegate essentially all of its behaviour to smaller subcomponents
[10:56:12 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> UI Options went through this transition most recently
[10:56:17 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> ok
[10:56:27 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> So, at least off the top of my head, I imagine that the VideoPlayer component will be home to all the top-level events
[10:56:39 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> the sorts of events that users will be interested in, themselves, listening to
[10:56:40 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> ok
[10:56:46 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> all the configuration that they'll need to easily and quickly adjust
[10:56:48 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> that kind of thing
[10:56:55 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> ok
[10:56:57 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> Bosmon4: Do you have anything to add here?
[10:57:20 CDT(-0500)] <Bosmon4> colinclark - I think that sounds like a good description
[10:57:43 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> So, our Video Player component will probably also host the top-level model
[10:57:50 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> also I read about the changeApplier but there are not much example code do you have in mind a component that uses it ?
[10:57:56 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> hmm
[10:57:56 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> ok
[10:58:01 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> what's a good component to show/
[10:58:02 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> ?
[10:58:18 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> I don't know something not to complicated to understand
[10:58:30 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> but that also uses quite a few possibilities
[10:59:07 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> Bosmon4: Do you have any suggestions
[10:59:08 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> ?
[11:01:13 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> ok
[11:01:18 CDT(-0500)] <Bosmon4> Sure, we'd be happy to
[11:01:26 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> well I'll keep going on the model
[11:01:46 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> and when I'll be on the changeApplier I'll have a talk with one of you
[11:01:48 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> (smile)
[11:02:14 CDT(-0500)] <lahabana> thx for taking a bit from your time have a good day JQuerying (smile)
[15:01:36 CDT(-0500)] <huslage> hi
[15:01:44 CDT(-0500)] <huslage> looking at atutor wiki
[15:16:04 CDT(-0500)] <greggy> huslage: hi
[15:16:36 CDT(-0500)] <greggy> huslage: just noticing the problem myself
[15:16:50 CDT(-0500)] <huslage> know anything about it greggy ?
[15:16:57 CDT(-0500)] <huslage> what's it run?
[15:17:08 CDT(-0500)] <huslage> it's one of the sites i haven't had a chance to move yet
[15:17:09 CDT(-0500)] <greggy> confluence, other than that not much.
[15:17:13 CDT(-0500)] <huslage> ok
[15:22:59 CDT(-0500)] <huslage> ok greggy, harriswong it's up again
[15:23:45 CDT(-0500)] <harriswong> huslage: thanks.
[15:23:57 CDT(-0500)] <greggy> huslage: great. Thx... we do need to migrate off confluence at some point....
[15:24:11 CDT(-0500)] <greggy> huslage: sent you an email a little while ago
[15:24:37 CDT(-0500)] <huslage> yeah just saw. can i get that to you in the morning?
[15:24:48 CDT(-0500)] <greggy> that good
[15:24:57 CDT(-0500)] <greggy> that's good, that is
[15:24:58 CDT(-0500)] <huslage> great.
[15:25:07 CDT(-0500)] <huslage> That Good. HULK SMASH
[15:25:41 CDT(-0500)] <greggy> :
[15:25:47 CDT(-0500)] <greggy> (smile)
[15:25:48 CDT(-0500)] <huslage> me type party one day
[15:26:11 CDT(-0500)] <huslage> ok. off to do familystuff. let me know if anything else starts blowing up
[15:26:19 CDT(-0500)] <greggy> k.thx