fluid-work IRC Logs-2013-05-27

[14:08:31 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> nanook: Congratulations on being accepted to GSoC for the Inclusive Musical IDE project with Fluid!

[14:08:36 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> I'm really looking forward to working with you on it

[14:08:53 CDT(-0500)] <nanook> Thanks colin!

[14:09:00 CDT(-0500)] <nanook> Anyone else doing gsoc here?

[14:09:25 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> nanook: Where do you think you'll start?

[14:10:49 CDT(-0500)] <nanook> I'm going to be out of town till friday (I have my VISA interview)

[14:10:57 CDT(-0500)] <nanook> So saturday should be good

[14:13:24 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> Cool

[14:13:26 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> no worries

[14:13:43 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> I really want to chat with you about the SuperCollider conference I was at, where I presented Flocking

[14:13:47 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> I got a lot of good feedback

[14:13:55 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> and lots of ideas for how the IDE might work

[14:14:12 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> I spent a lot of time watching people do live coding as well, so that was interesting to consider

[14:14:48 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> Bosmon and I have been doing some brainstorming about how we can use Infusion IoC to make these kinds of performances really powerful in Flocking

[14:18:53 CDT(-0500)] <nanook> Thats interesting.. when would you and Bosmon be free?

[14:24:30 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> Sometime next week is probably best for me

[14:24:51 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> I'm travelling a lot right now, but I'll be back in Toronto for a week, and that might be a good time to have an IRC chat

[14:25:35 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> Then I'm off to present Flocking at the Inclusive Creativity conference. I'm hoping I will be able to talk about your plan for the IDE there! (smile)

[14:28:07 CDT(-0500)] <nanook> colinclark: I'm free anytime after friday.. let me know what exact time is good for you and I'll be here (smile)

[14:29:01 CDT(-0500)] * nanook is googling for the Inclusive Creativity conference

[14:31:58 CDT(-0500)] <nanook> 14th - 16th June. we have enough time to discuss the details. it'll be awesome if you can talk about it there.

[14:42:32 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> nanook: Okay, let's aim for next Tuesday. Are you 10 hours off of Eastern Daylight time there?

[14:44:03 CDT(-0500)] <nanook> colinclark: I'm EDT + 9:30. Tuesday sounds good

[14:44:30 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> So earlier in the morning my time is probably best for you, I'm assuming? Or late in the evening?

[14:44:36 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> Are you a morning person or a night person? (smile)

[14:45:58 CDT(-0500)] <nanook> I'm a night person mostly.. what about you?

[14:52:49 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> Mostly the same, though I tend to have to get up early for teleconferences in Europe these days

[14:53:07 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> So what time on Tuesday works best for you, then?

[14:55:44 CDT(-0500)] <nanook> colinclark: just ping me anytime before my 2 am.. I'll be here

[14:55:53 CDT(-0500)] <nanook> (I think thats before 12 noon your time)

[14:56:00 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> ok, great

[14:56:02 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> sounds good to me

[14:57:08 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> If you're looking for places to get oriented, I'd suggest having a look at the recent code that I have been committing to Flocking, and trying to build a few Synths of your own just to get a feel for the process and what your users will go through. If you come up with anything you like, I'd be happy to include it in the demos we ship with Flocking.

[14:57:09 CDT(-0500)] <nanook> colinclark: I'll be lurking here all the time.. so feel free to leave me messages anytime you need to

[14:57:12 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> cool

[14:57:14 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> will do

[14:57:15 CDT(-0500)] <nanook> i'll reply as soon as I can

[14:58:04 CDT(-0500)] <nanook> oh great. I dont think I'll be able to get a lot done till saturday though

[14:59:09 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> Of course, no worries!

[15:02:03 CDT(-0500)] <system64> Hey collinclark! Thanks for selecting me for GSoC (smile)

[15:21:48 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> system64: We're really excited to have you

[15:21:59 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> I know michelled is looking forward to the project!

[15:22:14 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> system64: And I think we're all keen to actually use what you end up creating (smile)

[15:23:24 CDT(-0500)] <system64> I'm really excited! Hope I can do better than your expectations (smile)

[23:22:51 CDT(-0500)] <thealphanerd> colinclark: heyo

[23:22:55 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> hey

[23:23:00 CDT(-0500)] <thealphanerd> hows it going

[23:23:02 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> are you in south korea?

[23:23:05 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> it's going really good

[23:23:13 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> how about you?

[23:23:19 CDT(-0500)] <thealphanerd> I am indeed in south korea

[23:23:25 CDT(-0500)] <thealphanerd> are you still in colorado?

[23:24:31 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> yup

[23:24:36 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> for a few more days

[23:24:41 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> then home for just over a week

[23:24:48 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> then London, Ireland, and Madrid