Infusion Merge Process

Pre-merge checklist:

  • Fetch the latest changes for the branch being reviewed
  • Merge the test branch with latest code from master
  • Ensure that you are working in a clean branch
    • e.g Clean the repository: git clean -dix
  • npm install
  • Check that code passes linting: grunt lint
  • Run the Node tests: node tests/node-tests/basic-node-tests.js
  • Run the browser-based tests in supported browsers: tests/all-tests.html
  • Run through any demos, examples, or manual tests that may have been affected by the change

Making the merge:

# switch to your master branch
$ git checkout master
# ensure there are no uncommitted changes
$ git status -s
# ensure that your master branch is up-to-date with the project repository
# and that there are no extra commits in your master branch
$ git fetch upstream/master
$ git log master ^upstream/master
$ git merge upstream/master
# merge in changes from the branch being tested
$ git merge --no-ff --log <branchname>
# push changes to the project repository
$ git push upstream master


Post Merge Tasks:

  • Comment on the PR with the commit hash for the merge. 
    • e.g. "Merged at a1199e7"
  • Ensure the JIRA is updated to the correct status and any necessary comments added.
    • e.g. closed, resolved, etc.