Jira Escalation

Jira Escalation

When to use "Escalation"

When a jira is deemed to be caused by a third party, and is an issue that we are not able to fix/work around, it should be marked as "Escalated".

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Protocol for using "Escalation"

When a jira is marked as "Escalated" it must also include tracking information for the issue filed with the third party.

The jira must only be marked with a status of "Resolved" until such a time as the third party has resolved the issue. At this point, the jira can be closed.

How to set a jira to "Escalated"

1) login to Jira, and navigate to the issue of interest

2) In the left navigation bar, click on "Resolve Issue"

3) From the "Resolution" combobox select "Escalated"

4) Leave the fix version as "Unknown"

5) In the comments field leave appropriate bug tracking information from the third party, and any other necessary comments

6) Click the "Resolve" button to save the changes