Laser Eye Checklist

This page is intended to act as a guide for code reviewers.

  1. The code should not contain any duplicated sections (cut 'n' paste), either with respect to the whole codebase and certainly not amongst any piece of new work
  2. There are passing tests for new functionality
  3. The code is internationalized - at a minimum all human readable text are in strings in the options block
  4. The public API is commented
  5. Core logic is available and testable through an API (hint: your event handlers often contain core logic)
  6. ARIA roles are used where appropriate
  7. All functionality can be navigated to and controlled via the keyboard
  8. Is responsive to different screen sizes
  9. Code is broken up into small, well named things, which are all independently testable in isolation from each other
  10. Errors are reported to the user clearly
    All JavaScript files pass ESLint
  11. All HTML files pass the W3C validator
  12. All JSON files pass json lint