P4All - SP1 Components List for Design kit

Components Overview

This table aims to create a list of available P4All research and design components that are ready to be packaged and delivered as a part of the P4All - SP1 Design Kit.

 Infrastructure ModelUser ModelEconomic ModelInfrastructure ModelUser ModelEconomic ModelInfrastructure ModelUser ModelEconomic Model
ExploringExtracting all the required infrastructure components from the DoW document.
Collecting a list of system users identified by different SPs

Studying various, Payment system, Business models and investigating their pros and cons.

Distribution of the design kit including all the three models to different SP teams.Guide SP teams in application of each model to complete their work and validate their design and development decisions. 
  • Mapping appropriate business models and payment systems to each functional package of P4A.
  • Rating each option to identify the most suitable choice for each package
Collecting SP teams’ feedback regarding how they have applied the models, what is missing, and how the models need to be modified to better serve their needs. Advice SP teams to evaluate their final deliverable based on the infrastructure, user and economic model. 
  1. Infrastructure Diagram
  2. Ecosystem Diagram
  3. Interaction Flow Diagrams
  1. Core User Personae
  2. Main Use Cases
  1. A chart of rated business models and payment systems for each P4A functional package.
Modify each model based on the feedback and provide SP teams with a revised and polished version of each model.

Assure SP teams’ deliverable is:

  • Clearly positioned within the Infrastructure Model
  • addressing the needs identified in the User Model 
  • applying the Economic Model to thrive.