Open Questions

Search and Findability

  • How do people find a service/product on P4All?
  • How can the platform ensure visibility of all shared ideas, new products ad services within the system?
  • How can the platform effectively suggest content to users based on their interests and qualifications?
  • How can the platform best inform members of platform's activities? (notifications, emails, news feeds, newsletters, etc.)

Agreements and Contracts

  • How do clients contract for services?
  • What resources can the platform provide to help members agree on terms and conditions of transactions when necessary?
  • What kind of management tools should the platform provide? (scheduling, sharing and editing documents, time logging, pay distribution, invoicing, etc.)


  • What types of payment options will the system support?
  • How does the system integrate a crowd-sourced financing, micro payments and bids infrastructure?
  • What types of currency will the system support?
  • How is money released and distributed to people who are building a product or offering a service?
  • How do we differentiate between services with a pre-set price vs. ones where price isn't known until after the service is complete (such as ones that charge per hour) while keeping payment process quick and easy?

Security & Privacy

  • How can the platform protect consumer's privacy?
  • How are we going to differentiate the guest users from the platform members?

Quality Feedback

  • How does the system facilitate transparent feedback loops and reviews?
  • How do we foster trust in the quality of products and services available on the platform?
  • Who is responsible for the quality assurance of work available on the platform?
  • How do we compensate or deal with goods/services that fail to meet a client's request?
  • If work is divided into chunks, how will P4A ensure consistency in terms of language, style and quality?

Assistance on Demand

  • Within Assistance on Demand, how do we separate levels of complexity (services that require geotagging, in-person assistance, etc.)?
  • What will optional pre-approval for providers who express interest in addressing AoD requests be like?