fluid-work IRC Logs-2011-01-25

[08:17:39 CST(-0600)] <jessm> heidi_: ?
[08:17:45 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> hey jessm
[08:18:11 CST(-0600)] <jessm> hey, just thinking, I'd like to put your FSS plan into the wiki as a child page for the draft roadmap – that ok?
[08:18:30 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> jessm - totally, thanks!
[08:18:50 CST(-0600)] <jessm> heidi_: sure, and then would it be helpful for me to pick through the JIRAs and make sure they match this plan?
[08:19:16 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> like set the fix version and stuff? sure
[08:19:37 CST(-0600)] <jessm> heidi_: yeah and the estimates – or did you already do that?
[08:19:47 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> nope i haven't yet
[08:24:03 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> heidi_: It's a super awesome plan, btw
[08:24:09 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> Really really good, and very detailed
[08:24:37 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> thanks (smile)
[08:29:12 CST(-0600)] <Justin_o> colinclark: looks like jQuery 1.5 RC 1 is out now
[08:29:15 CST(-0600)] <Justin_o> http://blog.jquery.com/
[08:29:29 CST(-0600)] <Justin_o> http://blog.jquery.com/2011/01/24/jquery-15rc-1-released/
[08:29:38 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> yes, indeed
[08:29:54 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> our conversation yesterday was entirely apt (smile)
[08:30:15 CST(-0600)] <Justin_o> for sure (smile)
[08:30:38 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> I will talk to Antranig today about doing some work for the upgrade
[08:31:00 CST(-0600)] <Justin_o> great... hopefully things just work
[08:31:16 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> Let's hope
[08:31:26 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> I don't imagine it will be a perfectly seamless upgrade
[08:31:31 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> but hopefully it's simple stuff
[08:57:34 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> colinclark there are going be changes to fss_layout for the scrolling table. applying to just a plain table is working but looks bad, so fixing that
[08:57:57 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> ok, sounds good
[08:58:04 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> glad we decided to make a demo, then (smile)
[08:58:28 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> for sure
[09:06:47 CST(-0600)] <michelled> colinclark, heidi_, anastasiac: I'm getting back to my questions from Friday about manual tests. There are two uploader related manual tests: simple-progress and simple-scroller. I think they are there as demos of the progress and scroller components. Do you know if there is some other reason for them?
[09:07:53 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> not sure if the new scroller demo will replace this one or move to fss - colin?
[09:10:21 CST(-0600)] <jessm> heidi_: http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/FSS+work+1.3.1+-+1.5
[09:10:26 CST(-0600)] <jessm> heidi_: next time plan in the wiki (wink)
[09:10:32 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> werd
[09:10:36 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> thanks jess
[09:10:40 CST(-0600)] <jessm> heidi_: np
[09:19:55 CST(-0600)] <michelled> heidi_: have you seen the manual test? http://build.fluidproject.org/infusion/tests/manual-tests/html/simple-scroller.html
[09:20:05 CST(-0600)] <michelled> heidi_: do you think it's covered in the new demo?
[09:20:43 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> michelled not sure because now scroller uses pieces of fss, as well as a scroller component. maybe we should leave it for now? i'll just replace the functionality
[09:20:56 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> with the new scroller. not sure where else it should live
[09:21:46 CST(-0600)] <michelled> heidi_: is the new scroller committed somewhere that I can see?
[09:22:15 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> i don't think it has been yet. the uploader is now using it. colin's review
[09:22:16 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> ing
[09:22:35 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> it is here tho: http://issues.fluidproject.org/browse/FLUID-3837
[09:22:39 CST(-0600)] <michelled> thanks
[09:22:46 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> it's using jquery plugin scrollTo
[09:23:01 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> michelled, regarding the progress 'tests' in the manual-tests folder: this looks not so much like an actual test but more like demos. I don't believe this should be moved to the current demo folder, but I do believe that the cod that is there is an excellent step toward the kind of small, one-option-at-a-time demos we want to create for the 1.5 release. Given that, I think we should keep them. The question is: where? I don't necessarily think they
[09:23:01 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> should stay in the tests folder. I'm thinking: move to sandbox or incubator?
[09:23:58 CST(-0600)] <michelled> Justin_o: what's happening to stuff in the incubator when we move to git?
[09:24:34 CST(-0600)] <Justin_o> michelled: i'm not fully certain yet
[09:25:14 CST(-0600)] <Justin_o> michelled: it could be a seperate repo, it could be a branch, haven't worked out the specifics on that one yet
[09:25:41 CST(-0600)] <michelled> ok thanks
[09:26:28 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> michelled, regarding demos and git, I imagine that by 1.5, when we have a new docs structure (including new demos), it's most likely that the new demos will be included in the downloadable bundle, and hence will be included in the main git repo eventually. Regardless of whether the incubator moves to git or not, if the progress 'demos' in question are in the incubator, they'd serve as a basis for the creation of new demos in the main repo, and woul
[09:26:28 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> move as-is.
[09:26:55 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> does that make any sense?
[09:27:05 CST(-0600)] <michelled> anastasiac: yes
[09:27:08 CST(-0600)] <michelled> thanks
[09:27:41 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> michelled, so I guess I thinking: get them out of trunk for now, but put them somewhere that we can look at when the time comes to create new demos
[09:28:13 CST(-0600)] <michelled> ok
[09:46:46 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> michelled: Sorry, I was away
[09:46:50 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> toss the scroller manual test
[09:47:01 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> We're moving to something much simpler...
[09:47:32 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> Style your element with an overflow property, and then use the jquery.scrollTo plugin if you need to scroll programmatically
[09:47:52 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> Which means we really don't need to do much in the way of demoing or testing... it's someone else's code.
[09:48:12 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> We have an FSS demo for some new, table-specific styles we've added to the layout file, which Heidi is creating an official FSS demo for
[09:48:27 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> And that should be quite good enough, unless I'm missing something
[09:48:42 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> As for what happens to sandbox and incubator, it's going to depend on the content...
[09:48:48 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> so we'll have to review both on a case-by-case basis
[09:49:08 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> If we think this progress manual test is useful for something, it should be moved into one of those two places, suitably categorized
[09:49:23 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> yeah makes sense we just showcase the fss scroller part as scrollTo is a sep plugin, not us
[09:49:23 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> So I think anastasiac is saying that she wants to keep it around as a seed for new bite-sized demos
[09:50:05 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> in which case, if we're serious about incubating a variety of bite-sized component demos, we could likely argue for a space in the incubator dedicated to exactly that
[09:50:14 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> which, upon migration to Git, will become its own distinct repo
[09:50:20 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> colinclark, yes, that's what I'm suggesting - not sure how to categorize, or where to put it
[09:50:31 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> anastasiac: That's your call
[09:51:36 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> part of the question is: how will the bite-size demos relate to the downloadable package? If they are to be included, then we want them to ultimately rest somewhere that supports that packaging process
[09:51:58 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> can the bundling process include more than one git repo? if so, the demos could live in their own repo
[09:52:09 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> (assuming we want them included in the bundle)
[09:52:15 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> (if not, it's moot)
[09:52:18 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> I'm not quite sure what you mean
[09:53:08 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> for a release, we go through the process of packing everything into a zip file, and we also have a tag that matches that content (at least that's how it works now in svn)
[09:53:22 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> right now, our demos are included in our distribution, therefore they are in trunk
[09:53:32 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> Sure
[09:53:44 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> if our demos weren't in trunk, it would be more complicated to "include them in the release"
[09:54:02 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> Okay, maybe I'm confused
[09:54:13 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> My understanding was that you were saying this stuff was going to be fodder for new demos that we will eventually have
[09:54:22 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> For example, this scroller thing
[09:54:36 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> In which case, I don't imagine it's going to be included in a release any time soon
[09:54:58 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> we want new docs structure/demos/etc in place for 1.5, so that's the timeframe I'm thinking
[09:55:17 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> Right
[09:55:19 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> we're also thinking about having bite-sized demos in addition to the larger in-context demos we currently have in the portal
[09:55:25 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> So if:
[09:55:35 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> 1. The new bite-sized demos are ready
[09:55:36 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> and
[09:55:52 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> 2. We do decide to include such demos in the release itself, as opposed to, say, on a separate Web site
[09:56:14 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> then we'd-when they are ready-merge that "demos incubator" into the master Infusion repository
[09:56:33 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> Or am I confused?
[09:56:33 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> yes, that sounds like a good summary
[09:57:17 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> no, you're not confused, I'm just not yet familiar with how git deals with repositories, and the equivalent of svn tagging, etc., so I'm not sure what language to use to discuss it
[10:02:59 CST(-0600)] <Justin_o> colinclark, michelled: here is a comment from crockford about the issue with the var statement in a for loop.
[10:03:00 CST(-0600)] <Justin_o> http://tech.dir.groups.yahoo.com/group/jslint_com/message/1744
[10:03:15 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> Right
[10:03:22 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> This is what we were talking about at the dev meeting
[10:03:29 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> The tension between:
[10:03:41 CST(-0600)] <Justin_o> oh and by the way, we can get the comment syntax for jslint options from jslint.com.. it prints at the bottom of the page
[10:03:54 CST(-0600)] <Justin_o> as you make selections
[10:03:59 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> "We've internalized the scoping rules of JavaScript and don't want to reduce readability of code by declaring all variables at the top"
[10:04:00 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> vs.
[10:04:47 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> "Scoping errors are common, and we've encountered them in the past, and we should use some kind of discipline to remind developers of the scoping rules in JavaScript"
[10:04:57 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> Justin_o: cool, about the comment syntax
[10:05:55 CST(-0600)] <Justin_o> colinclark: yes.. i don't understand what he means by add the braces...
[10:06:08 CST(-0600)] <Justin_o> at least people are all complaining about it.. hopefully he'll make a change
[10:06:24 CST(-0600)] <Justin_o> here's a twitter comment i found
[10:06:25 CST(-0600)] <Justin_o> http://twitter.com/cancelBubble/status/25701072903344130
[10:06:30 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> ah, yes
[10:07:09 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> I guess that was roughly our comment, too
[10:07:39 CST(-0600)] <Justin_o> (smile)
[10:09:01 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> Justin_o and jessm: Shall we chat after standup about 1.3.1 release scoping?
[10:09:04 CST(-0600)] <Justin_o> here are the commits for jslint in his git repo
[10:09:05 CST(-0600)] <Justin_o> https://github.com/douglascrockford/JSLint/commits/master
[10:09:08 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> Make sure everything fits and we're cool?
[10:09:11 CST(-0600)] <jessm> colinclark: yes
[10:09:15 CST(-0600)] <Justin_o> colinclark: sure
[10:09:30 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> "Defective programming style"
[10:10:06 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> "Tolerate stupid blockless blocks"
[10:10:23 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> "k"
[10:10:27 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> Bizarre
[10:10:47 CST(-0600)] <athena> do you find you start to be able to identify people by their commit logs or comments?
[10:10:59 CST(-0600)] <athena> because i often know who wrote blocks of code just from the comment style
[10:11:04 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> for sure
[10:11:29 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> Justin_o's always a thorough commenter
[10:11:43 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> heidi_'s comments look /** like this usually **/
[10:11:52 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> Bosmon's comments are always an essay
[10:11:56 CST(-0600)] <athena> lol
[10:11:58 CST(-0600)] <athena> yeah.
[10:12:18 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> hehe
[10:12:51 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> My comments, as mlam can attest to, usually look like this:
[10:13:03 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> / TODO: Why am I doing such a stupid thing on this line?
[10:31:38 CST(-0600)] <mlam> hey colinclark, i emailed you a patch for sychronous uploading for the html5 version. it's not complete, but something's strange in that the first file attempts to upload many times causing some sql errors.
[10:31:49 CST(-0600)] <mlam> I was wondering if you could take a look and maybe it's something simple that i'm missing?
[10:31:52 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> yep
[10:31:54 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> np
[10:31:57 CST(-0600)] <mlam> thanks
[10:32:17 CST(-0600)] <mlam> i left the console outputs in the code so you can see what i mean
[10:50:55 CST(-0600)] <Justin_o> colinclark, jessm: ready when you are
[10:52:47 CST(-0600)] <jessm> Justin_o: colinclark likewise
[10:54:44 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> k
[11:07:34 CST(-0600)] <Justin_o> colinclark, jessm: i'm just going to go heat up my lunch in the meantime
[11:07:45 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> ping us when you get back
[11:07:46 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> i'm ready
[11:07:49 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> sorry for the delay
[11:11:39 CST(-0600)] <Justin_o> colinclark, jessm: I'm back now
[12:14:43 CST(-0600)] <mlam> colinclark: posted patches for FLUID-3886 ( HTML5 uploader file exclusion) and FLUID-4043 (passing incorrect file count into the afterFileDialog event)
[12:14:59 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> cool
[12:15:06 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> you're whipping out the patches
[12:15:08 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> can't keep up!
[12:15:09 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> (smile)
[12:15:26 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> Can you assign the JIRAs to me, just so it's easy to keep track of them
[12:15:36 CST(-0600)] <mlam> yup, for sure!
[12:15:39 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> along with a comment saying you're waiting for me to review them and provide feedback or commit
[12:15:46 CST(-0600)] <mlam> ok
[13:21:53 CST(-0600)] <Justin_o> anastasiac: did you make this one? https://source.fluidproject.org/svn/scratchpad/multiple-renderers/
[13:22:43 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> Justin_o: possibly?
[13:22:48 CST(-0600)] * anastasiac checks svn logs
[13:23:00 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> can we toast it? is it relevant?
[13:23:28 CST(-0600)] * colinclark and Justin_o are on a serious tidy up kick
[13:23:33 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> my log message says "Sample code illustrating two data models becoming confused"
[13:23:39 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> Ruthless tidying
[13:23:48 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> so I'd say: if it's still becoming confused, then it's a valid test that should be converted to a proper unit test
[13:23:52 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> if it works, toss it
[13:23:58 CST(-0600)] * anastasiac checks it out to try it out
[13:24:01 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> anastasiac: We'll leave it to you
[13:24:05 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> It's marked for deletion
[13:24:16 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> if you think it's worth saving, we can unmark it
[13:26:53 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> anastasiac: Can we toast this one, too? https://source.fluidproject.org/svn/scratchpad/pager-rendered/
[13:27:05 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> It looks like michelled deleted some broken externals for it anyway
[13:27:23 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> yes, toss it
[13:27:48 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> thanks
[13:29:25 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> michelled: I updated the multiple-renderers test to use 1.3 instead of 1.2, and it no longer exhibits the problem behaviour, so: go ahead and toss it
[13:29:38 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> Justin_o: ^
[13:30:23 CST(-0600)] <Justin_o> anastasiac: thanks
[13:30:33 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> yay
[13:30:40 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> yura_: Quick question for you
[13:30:56 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> Is there anything here that didn't get migrated to Engage? https://source.fluidproject.org/svn/scratchpad/services-sketches/src/java/
[13:31:08 CST(-0600)] * colinclark wishes fj was here to sing the tidy up song to us
[13:32:32 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> anastasiac: Can you tell us more about this directory? https://source.fluidproject.org/svn/scratchpad/tutorials/
[13:32:47 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> I know, among other things, it has been a place where I've stuffed half-baked code destined for eventual tutorials
[13:32:57 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> Is any of it deletable?
[13:33:18 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> Or shall it all be migrated to a branch of Infusion containing all kinds of interesting potential documentation fodder, as we discussed earlier today?
[13:33:24 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> ah, that's likely another one for the dustbin. your description is accurate, given that it's really old and has pretty much been replaced anyway
[13:34:08 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> anastasiac: Can you check through it all and verify for us?
[13:34:36 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> well, migrating might an idea, colinclark, I'll have a look. At the very least it might serve as ideas, though they'd likely have to be rewritten anyway since the code has changed a lot
[13:34:41 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> I'll have a look
[13:34:48 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> Can you make a list for each thing for us?
[13:34:56 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> sure
[13:35:12 CST(-0600)] <yura_> colinclark: yes i think that code was never put anywhere but scratchpad
[13:35:25 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> yura_: So is it valuable? Or redundant now?
[13:35:29 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> Delete it? Keep it somewhere?
[13:36:02 CST(-0600)] <yura_> colinclark: I would keep it since it was the code for importing to couch
[13:36:07 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> ok
[13:37:54 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> Bosmon: The batched pager code that athena shared with us...
[13:38:00 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> Did it ever get migrated in anyway into the Pager itself
[13:38:08 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> I know CollectionSpace uses some variation of it
[13:38:17 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> Thoughts?
[13:39:15 CST(-0600)] <athena> we're using it in the jasig email preview portlet now
[13:39:28 CST(-0600)] <athena> if it shows up in the main pager i'm sure we'd love to switch over
[13:47:00 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> cool
[13:47:02 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> good to know
[13:47:44 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> michelled: There's an incubator branch for UI Options called 1.4-branch
[13:47:52 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> Does it contain anything important or relevant?
[13:48:01 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> If it does, we can migrate it to a fork of Infusion
[13:48:04 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> If not, we'll toast it
[13:52:30 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> colinclark i think we should keep it - i believe that's the work michelle and i started with making the preview optional
[13:52:41 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> What's actually in it?
[13:52:58 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> i'd guess just the ui options component... but looking
[13:54:12 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> thanks
[13:54:14 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> it's an old copy of trunk i think, but i think it was just the uio component we changed. michelled what do you think?
[13:54:24 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> she's on the phone
[13:55:00 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> Seems like this is another case where we'll migrate into a fork of Infusion
[13:56:16 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> yeah, i'm not sure how relevant our work will be to the new new uio. and i don't think what we started will get in for 1.4 (i think 1.4 is just a clean up)
[13:56:26 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> okay, we'll see
[14:05:08 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> Justin_o, colinclark: re the scratchpad/tutorials, my assessment: two of them worth saving for reference later, toss the others
[14:05:16 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> ok
[14:05:17 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> the two worth saving: grid-reorderer and renderer
[14:05:50 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> thanks!
[14:06:09 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> np
[14:25:57 CST(-0600)] <michelled> colinclark, heidi_: I don't think there's much in that branch - maybe we should just take a look at the history and generate a patch and stick it on a relevant JIRA issue
[14:26:11 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> that makes a lot of sense, michelled
[14:26:23 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> can either of you do that, and then I'll mark the branch for deletion?
[14:27:10 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> not sure i know how
[14:27:20 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> but i could try
[14:27:26 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> it's really quite easy
[14:27:37 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> Do a log, finding out when you created the branch
[14:27:44 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> (so you'll want to use the --stop-on-copy flag)
[14:27:55 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> Like, this:
[14:28:19 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> svn log --stop-on-copy https://source.fluidproject.org/svn/incubator/uiOptions/1.4-branch/trunk/
[14:28:25 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> Then take note of the revision number
[14:28:45 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> then just do a diff between trunk back then and the branch
[14:28:47 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> like this:
[14:29:23 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> svn diff https://source.fluidproject.org/svn/fluid/infusion/trunk@<revision when branch was created> https://source.fluidproject.org/svn/incubator/uiOptions/1.4-branch/trunk/
[14:29:30 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> and the output of that diff will be your patch
[14:29:37 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> Doing with a GUI, I'm not so experienced at that (smile)
[14:30:05 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> let me give 'er a whirl
[14:30:18 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> go for it, let me know how it goes
[14:32:06 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> cool, good to know how to do that. i'll email it colinclark?
[14:33:09 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> sent
[14:34:08 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> heidi_: Can you put it up on a suitable JIRA?
[14:34:24 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> ill look for one
[14:34:38 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> It doesn't do anyone any good gathering dust in my email inbox (smile)
[14:37:43 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> colinclark michelled it's now on FLuid-3761
[14:38:17 CST(-0600)] <jamon> ping kasper
[14:38:49 CST(-0600)] <kasper> hi jamon
[14:39:17 CST(-0600)] <jamon> hey kasper, justin and i are wondering if it is safe to take down swarm.fluidproject.org for 1/2 hour today
[14:39:30 CST(-0600)] <jamon> have to move the server from one datacentre to another
[14:39:32 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> heidi_: One last little favour--can you slap up a comment on FLUID-3761 describing how you made the patch and why you made it?
[14:40:01 CST(-0600)] <kasper> jamon: yeah, that should be alright
[14:40:08 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> colinclark np
[14:40:09 CST(-0600)] <jamon> kasper, awesome, thanks
[14:40:12 CST(-0600)] <kasper> michelled, yura_ ^
[14:40:12 CST(-0600)] <kasper> thanks jamon
[14:41:05 CST(-0600)] <michelled> thx
[14:52:42 CST(-0600)] <jessm> anastasiac: i see that jamon finished build migration – did you/ can you take a look to see how things are?
[14:53:06 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> sure, jessm
[14:53:15 CST(-0600)] <jamon> the uportal build is on my list after these moves are done jessm, anastasiac
[14:53:31 CST(-0600)] <jessm> jamon: great!
[14:53:35 CST(-0600)] <jamon> i think it will be best to put a new build in place on forge jessm
[14:53:51 CST(-0600)] <jamon> that's my plan at least
[14:54:06 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> jamon, can you update me on just what is affected by the now-completed build migration?
[14:54:10 CST(-0600)] <jamon> that was it can be converted to a proper ant/mvn dbuild as well
[14:54:21 CST(-0600)] <jessm> cool
[14:54:26 CST(-0600)] <jamon> anastasiac: just build.fluidproject.org
[14:54:29 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> k
[14:54:36 CST(-0600)] <jamon> so take a look at the links there, see if anything is amiss
[15:06:08 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> jamon, jessm: Status of build.fluidproject.org:
[15:06:08 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> link to continuum links to forge.fluidproject.org, but there's nothing there
[15:06:08 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> link to InfusionBuilderTests.php works, but the tests hang (or at least, take forever)
[15:06:09 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> on the Manual Tests page, one test (Renderer:autobinding) seems to be missing. The file is there in the release tag, and I don't know whether or not this oddness existed before the migration
[15:06:43 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> everything else seems fine (still double-checking all of the unit tests)
[15:07:59 CST(-0600)] <jamon> anastasiac: forge is down for maintenance (wink)
[15:08:09 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> yeah, I figured it was something like that
[15:37:53 CST(-0600)] <jamon> anastasiac: mind checking those links again? forge/bulider shoudl be up and working
[15:38:01 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> will do
[15:38:10 CST(-0600)] <jamon> thanks
[15:39:17 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> jamon, there's a continuum instance there, with no projects in it
[15:39:33 CST(-0600)] <jamon> anastasiac: ah that's normal, logging in it is there
[15:39:44 CST(-0600)] <jamon> cindyli and i need to work on that as well
[15:45:01 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> jamon, I registered for an account. The validation email includes an invalid url: "http://localhost:10100/....." so I can't validate
[15:50:16 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> hey jamon so there's a power adapter i can use tomorrow for sure?
[15:52:29 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> jamon, if I change the root of the URL to forge.fluidproject.org, it does work
[15:52:43 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> and the groups list is still empty
[15:52:52 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> how do I go about getting access to the groups list?
[16:02:20 CST(-0600)] <mlam> anastasiac: for your documentation mind map, should there be an IoC bubble pointing to the concept bubble?
[16:02:59 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> mlam, indeed there should! I can't imagine how I missed that one (smile)
[16:03:44 CST(-0600)] <mlam> the mind map doesn't look like it was made by a spider on crack. it looks pretty clear to me.
[16:10:54 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> mlam, mind map updated
[16:11:01 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> keep the comments coming!
[16:11:04 CST(-0600)] <mlam> coolio (smile)