fluid-work IRC Logs-2011-01-05

[08:59:19 CST(-0600)] <jessm> anastasiac: ping
[08:59:40 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> jessm: polo
[08:59:58 CST(-0600)] <jessm> anastasiac: how's the wiki speed treatin' you since the changes jamon made?
[09:00:36 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> I noticed that it does seem a bit faster some times, but not others.
[09:00:52 CST(-0600)] <jessm> interesting
[09:01:02 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> I guest that's what he mentioned about initial page load being slow, though I didn't recognize that specificaly
[09:01:23 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> but it still is annoyingly slow sometimes
[09:02:07 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> what's your impression, jessm?
[09:04:00 CST(-0600)] <jessm> anastasiac: i'm not sure – i only did one edit, but i'm about to dive into more so I should know soon. I was asking because I was curious about the on-site versus off-site experience
[09:09:13 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> morning colinclark - i was going to tackle jira gardening the UIO issues, after going through FSS documentation. sound good?
[09:09:37 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> there are 118 issues, most of them quite old i think
[09:13:32 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> morning
[09:13:36 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> That sounds good to me
[09:13:40 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> anastasiac: FSS documentation sound good to you?
[09:13:54 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> colinclark, yes - that was my suggestion
[09:14:07 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> thanks for the jira gardening, too, heidi_
[09:14:12 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> cool np
[09:47:06 CST(-0600)] <jhung> anastasiac: by default, does the Image Reorderer expect a <form> to contain reorderable images? I am trying to modify the image reorderer demo to use an arbitrary container as the reorderer root, but I geet a "rootnode is undefined" var inputs = rootnode.getElementsByTagName(tagname);
[09:47:43 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> jhung, I can't remember off the bat... I'd have to check the code/docs, but it might be possible that it does expect a form
[09:48:13 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> jhung: yep, requires a from
[09:48:14 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> form
[09:48:19 CST(-0600)] <jhung> anastasiac: interesting.
[09:48:35 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> yeah...
[09:48:45 CST(-0600)] <jhung> is there a reason for that restriction?
[09:48:52 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> a holdover from the past, and should probably be fixed (smile)
[09:48:56 CST(-0600)] <jhung> ah okay.
[09:49:08 CST(-0600)] <jhung> I'll make note of that in the tutorial. Thanks!
[09:49:18 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> excellent
[09:52:06 CST(-0600)] <jhung> i'll post a new JIRA for it too if there isn't one already.
[09:53:09 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> anastasiac should the "new in v1.1" notes be deleted? or leave it?
[09:53:25 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> makes it sound dated, but maybe it's necessary to note the change from prev versions?
[09:53:39 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> heidi_, I think we should leave those notes, since that feature is still new as of 1.1 i.e. it wasn't present in 1.0
[09:53:48 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> yeah, okay will do
[10:00:33 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> anastasiac fss documentation feels generally confusing just cos there are so many different pages, and links to different pages etc. easy to get scattered
[10:02:04 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> heidi_, yes, that's been my impression, too
[10:06:23 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> anastasiac do we have any wiki thing to mark if a link is within or outside the wiki?
[10:06:50 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> i'm thinking a little arrow that shows you'd be leaving the site if you clicked on it
[10:06:56 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> heidi_, no, I don't think we've established any such conventions... do you think we should?
[10:06:58 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> i think wikipedia has that
[10:07:18 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> i like it
[10:07:22 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> but not a big deal
[10:07:54 CST(-0600)] <jessm> jhung: ping
[10:19:55 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> anastasiac having trouble addint alt text to imgs
[10:20:12 CST(-0600)] <heidi_> the |alt="" doesn't seem to work when there is a |thumbnail
[10:21:10 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> heidi_, interesting - this might be a bug in confluence? For now, don't sweat it - add the alt text anyway, and we'll look into it. We'll (hopefully soon) be moving away from Confluence, so it might not be an issue for long
[10:57:36 CST(-0600)] <mlam> heidi: Do you have time to do a quick uploader test for me in Mac OS and opera?
[10:57:53 CST(-0600)] <heidi> mlam yeah sure, let me d/l opera
[10:58:03 CST(-0600)] <mlam> ok, thanks a lot.
[10:58:34 CST(-0600)] <heidi> mlam what's the test?
[10:59:28 CST(-0600)] <mlam> Using just the keyboard, select files to upload, press enter, then use the keyboard again to click on 'add more' and add more files to the queue
[10:59:42 CST(-0600)] <mlam> and that's it (smile)
[10:59:46 CST(-0600)] <heidi> neat "We believe in a Web with unlimited accessibility."
[10:59:53 CST(-0600)] <heidi> do they have good a11y features?
[11:00:01 CST(-0600)] <heidi> okay will do
[11:01:53 CST(-0600)] <heidi> mlam do i have to turn on keyboard navigating ?
[11:02:12 CST(-0600)] <mlam> no, you don't
[11:02:30 CST(-0600)] <heidi> mlam i don't see a keyboard focus when i tab
[11:02:53 CST(-0600)] <heidi> mlam does it work for u?
[11:03:23 CST(-0600)] <mlam> I do in other browsers, in both ubuntu and XP, but I don't have a Mac to test on
[11:03:38 CST(-0600)] <heidi> wanna come see
[11:04:01 CST(-0600)] <mlam> ok
[11:06:02 CST(-0600)] <mlam> thanks heidi!
[11:06:08 CST(-0600)] <heidi> np
[11:18:16 CST(-0600)] <heidi> anastasiac any guesses what this means? it's listed as a future feature of fss: "A mapping between JSR 168 and FSS classnames where appropriate"
[11:18:49 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> ah, interesting.
[11:19:11 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> heidi, there is a file for this in the folder, but it's empty (smile) I think for now, we can remove that comment from the docs
[11:19:24 CST(-0600)] <heidi> yeah couldn't find a jira for it
[11:19:24 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> JSR 168 is a standard for CSS, heidi
[11:19:30 CST(-0600)] <heidi> ah
[11:19:36 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> go ahead and file one (smile)
[11:19:56 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> the standard in question is specific to portlets
[11:20:00 CST(-0600)] <heidi> for java porlets
[11:20:02 CST(-0600)] <heidi> ah
[11:29:51 CST(-0600)] <heidi> jhung or jameswy ... re: fss, do either of you know what this means: "Visual Debugging theme, for viewing a pages topography"
[11:30:10 CST(-0600)] <heidi> do we have a theme for this? what does it do?
[11:30:33 CST(-0600)] <jameswy> heidi: Sorry, no idea.
[11:48:27 CST(-0600)] <heidi> hey colinclark , fss has an "advanced accessibility" feature and one of the related items is "tested for useabiltity effectiveness" – did jacob conduct useability tests ?
[11:54:37 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> heidi: I need more context. Do you have a link?
[11:54:46 CST(-0600)] <heidi> colinclark http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/FSS+Feature+Roadmap
[11:55:12 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> But we certainly did do a number of usability tests for most Infusion components, and I can imagine FSS got some love as part of that work.
[11:56:05 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> heidi: This page is interesting to me
[11:56:16 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> I think it mixes goals with "current features"
[11:56:23 CST(-0600)] <heidi> yeah it needs work
[11:56:28 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> It's not disingenuous, it's just written optimistically
[11:56:31 CST(-0600)] <heidi> are the tests anywhere on the wiki?
[11:56:43 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> All of our user tests are indeed documented in the wiki
[11:56:50 CST(-0600)] <heidi> k i'll dig for em
[11:56:55 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> I'll leave you with the adventure of finding the relevant ones
[11:57:06 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> heidi: Here's a suggestion
[11:57:15 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> This page could benefit from a bit of reworking:
[11:57:20 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> 1. Goals of FSS
[11:57:34 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> - articulate why we created FSS, what its primary goals are, and how it's different from others
[11:57:41 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> This could be quite simple and just a few bullet points
[11:57:46 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> 2. Core features
[11:57:59 CST(-0600)] <colinclark> - describe what someone actually gets when they sit down with the FSS and start using it
[13:28:16 CST(-0600)] <michelled> fluid-everyone: it's almost dev meeting time!
[13:28:35 CST(-0600)] <michelled> fluid-everyone: is there anyone who was intending on joining the meeting who is not in Toronto?
[13:29:08 CST(-0600)] <heidi> i'm going to join the UIO meeting michelle
[13:32:03 CST(-0600)] <michelled> fluid-everyone: since everyone who is going to the dev meeting is in the same room lets do this face to face