Jen Yang, Researcher, School of Nursing

Persona - Jen Yang

Researcher, School of Nursing


Jen is a full-time researcher at Stanford's School of Nursing. Along with her typical activities in the lab, she is a member of a 20 person research project studying nursing in the ER.

Jen is confident in her work and the project study but finds herself fighting with the web-based project site her team uses for "off-line" communication and to store and share project documents...particularly in finding the most current information.

She's familiar with using computer programs to create documents and exchange emails with colleagues and friends. She also likes to do her Christmas shopping on-line.

  • Be "in the loop" on her projects - have the most current project information
  • Not to let team members see her work until she is comfortable with it
  • Spend her time doing research and minimize the administration overhead including time posting and finding documents on the Project site
Level of Expertise

Office products, email, on-line shopping