First Discovery Server Demo

The First Discovery Tool provides an introduction to the experience of discovering and setting preferences to meet an individual’s needs. It helps digital newcomers learn about what kinds of personalizations are possible, and what might work for them. This tool assists learners with a broad range of needs to create a portable preference set that they can later refine and apply to any digital device that they may encounter in their everyday life. It introduces the idea of setting digital preferences in a friendly and engaging way. The First Discovery Server implements the means for persisting the preferences to a GPII preferences server and providing the user with a GPII Token; the portable identifier used for viewing, modifying, and/or applying the preferences at a later time.

A demo instance of the First Discovery Server using its own instances of the Flow Manager and Preferences Server is accessible at

Trying the Demo

#1: Using the First Discovery Server

#2: Retrieving a Saved First Discovery Preference Set from the Preferences Server

#3: Retrieving a Saved First Discovery Preference Set from the Flow Manager


Technical Details


Data Persistence

Currently there is no permanent storage of data; it will persist while the containers are running, but will vanish when they or the host server is restarted. In practice, this shouldn't happen very frequently, but be aware.