Switching between versions of Flash

At some point, you may want to switch to a different version of Flash.

Adobe provides the latest version of Flash, but it is not readily apparent what to do if you would like to install a prior version.

Please read on for instructions on how to do this.

Uninstalling Flash

If you want to remove Flash from your system, or would like to downgrade to a prior version, this is the first step.

All you need to do is download the specific uninstaller, based on your system, and run it.

Installing Various Versions of Flash

Adobe maintains an archive of all of the prior versions of Flash.

After you have downloaded the version of Flash that you wish to install on your system, unarchive the file. You will now likely see multiple revision. Open the one revision you would like to use, probably the latest one, and open that directory. Depending on the revision you have selected you will see various Flash installers for various OS's, please select the appropriate one for your system to install Flash

Notes about Flash Installers

  • Mac OS X
    • For Intel based systems, use the file with "ub" in the name
  • Windows systems
    • For IE, run the ActiveX installer (likely will have "ax" in the file name)
    • For other browsers, run the Plug-in installer