Contributing to a Fluid Component

To contribute to the source code of the Fluid Project, we recommend the following:

  1. Clone the latest source code from Fluid's github space.
  2. Become familiar with the source code by running tests and trying some demos.
  3. Check the Fluid issue tracker database for tasks to be done.

We are an open community, so anyone can check-out our source code and contribute.

Introduce yourself

Before jumping into some code, we would love for you to introduce yourself first. This would help us understand what you're interested in and help us give you guidance.

See the Get Involved page to find out how to join a conversation.

Push access to Fluid's github repos

By default, push access to Fluid's github repositories are restricted. This means that to contribute code back to Fluid, you should submit a patch to or make a pull request for a particular Jira issue. This allows the community to collaborate on the modifications first before it affects the main code in project repository.

After a few patches and/or pull requests, you can petition for Commit Access by following this procedure.