Fluid Infusion Release Checklist

This document serves as a checklist of things to do during a new Infusion release

Wiki - Development:

  • update component demo include files.
  • update component tutorials on the wiki

Wiki - Components:

  • update Components index
    • are the thumbnails up to date?
    • is the family of component hierarchy still valid?
  • update component landing pages
    • are the descriptions up to date?
    • is the feature list complete? Any features removed or added?
    • is the progress indicator up to date?

Website - Components:

  • Is the Component gallery up to date?
    • is the contents similar / identical to the current content on the Wiki?
    • do the links to demos and releases appropriate?
    • are the release information and links updated


  • Have all of the components been tested
  • Has the documentation been tested
  • Has the release bundle been tested