Docs Sprint March 2011

Types of Tasks

There are many different ways you can contribute, including (but not limited to):

  • Answer a FAQ question
  • Explain a concept
  • Write a tutorial
  • Write the API documentation for a new Framework function
  • Enhance and improve existing documentation


Coordination will be carried out in the Fluid IRC Channel. Documentation should be created/edited in this wiki.

  • If a page already exists, there should be a link to it here.
  • Create any new pages as a child of this page by choosing "Add Content" from the bottom of the left sidebar. We'll take care of orginizing any new content later.

If in doubt, just ask in the channel.


Some topic ideas are listed below. Pick a topic, or suggest one: Something you'd like to learn (writing about something is a great way to learn it!), something you've just figured out, or something you've worked on and know all about.

Incomplete/unclear Pages

New Topics

  • Progressive Enhancement (stub: Progressive Enhancement) Colin
  • Model Transformation (stub: Model Transformation) (Anastasia)
  • Trundlers Antranig (non-urgent topic, the general user will not be interested in these for a release or two)
  • Graded Components Antranig (urgent topic)
  • Transparent State Programming Antranig
  • Renderer Antigens (not yet implemented)
  • Event Boilers Antranig (urgent topic)
  • Uploader Error Handling (Mike) (tick)
  • IoC: Why it's useful and how it helps (Colin)
  • Git best practices (Justin) (tick)

FAQ answers

  • Pager: How to make entire header of sortable column clickable (not just link) (see email thread) (Harris) (tick)
  • Pager: How to set initial page size (see awills' question at 11:34:44 in fluid-work IRC Logs-2010-12-22 (Harris) (tick)
  • My Uploaded files aren't saving where I want them to - why? (asked on infusion-users) (Harris) (tick)
  • Is it possible to have a multiline inline edit, without the "Rich Text" functionality? (asked on infusion-users) (Harris) (tick)
  • Reorderer: How do I send new order back to the server? (asked twice on infusion-users) (Harris) (tick)

Function API Pages