Background Resources

This space is intended for building a repository of documents, media files, and links that can provide useful information and knowledge to project participants related to the tasks that Fluid has undertaken, but that are not specifically tied to any one component or sub-projec of Fluid. We'd also like it to serve as an educational resource for helping Fluid members get a better understanding of aspects of our collective work that lies outside their current areas of expertise. Topics for which we would like contributions include overviews of the techniques, tools, and technolgies of web interface compnent design and development, references on accessibility issues and accessibility design standards, and research and guidelines relating to user interface design and usability studies.

Please enter your annotated links on this page, under an appropriate heading. (Resources can be uploaded in the attachments tab.)


Accessibility issues and standards

Sakai Accessibility Templates:

Usability research and design

Web interface component design and development

Evaluation Tools for Web Applications