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Rich Text Inline Edit Problem Statement

The Problem...

  • Currently users have to leave their context to modify or create formatted text that looks different than the original context (display not= edit)
  • Editing text can only be done in plain text in many places on the web
  • If users can edit in interesting ways, they are often required to know and use many different types of markup to create formatted and structured text
  • Markup differs, even if slightly, across applications (and versus HTML)
  • Need faster, better quality and more readable editability


  • non-technical audience with little knowledge in HTML or other markup language 
  • technical or markup savvy users who are busy

The Impact of Which Is...

  • Users are distracted from thier task, editing text, when they need to focus on the markup. 
  • Memory load becomes high when users have to leave their context to make changes.
  • Some users can't take full advantage of editing capabilities
  • Memory load for remembering various markup languages is high

A Successful Solution Would...

  • Provide a set of context-appropriate formatting tools
  • Maintain the context
  • Allow users to format and structure text without needing to know markup