Documentation for a historical release of Infusion: 1.3
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Rich Text Inline Edit Design Goals

Design Goals

  • Don't change the display of information between editing and displaying edited information (i.e. wysiwyg).
  • Don't require user to leave or change their context to edit information.
  • Make it clear that changes can be made and to what.
  • Give users edit tools that make sense for their specific context.  Don't clutter with every possible edit tool.
  • Smooth & easy keyboard interaction.

  • Allow users to easily see and use the edit tools they need (as opposed to giving them many tools that aren't relevant or useful most of the time).
  • Give users feedback and confidence about what is saved.
  • Give users an easy way to back out (i.e. undo change & error recovery).
  • Instant editing
  • Allow user to complete their task without being distracted by software or losing train of thought (i.e. while they are reading text they can easily make a quick edit).
  • Give users access to information they need to complete their task (i.e. information on other pages, etc.).
  • Assist users in not making mistakes with their edits.  If mistakes are made, we need to give them an easy way to identify and correct.