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Simple Text Inline Edit Storycards


IE Story 1 (FLUID-775): Allow user to edit a simple, single piece of text without leaving their context


  • When the user hovers over the text with the mouse, the text will be highlighted
  • Put a (reasonably-sized) min-width on empty fields so that the yellow background shows up on rollover
  • The user can Tab to the text and the highlight will also appear
  • Hover message appears after hovering for <2 seconds.
  • When the user clicks on the text, an edit field appears. Cursor is placed at end of current text.
  • Double click selects word, triple click selects entire text
  • The user can type and press enter to automatically save the text.

Simple Text Inline Edit Storyboard
Mockups and examples of interaction in context

Testing Details: Interaction & UI match storyboard

IE Story 2 (Fluid-780): Provide user with undo capabilities


  • Once an edit is complete, provide user with "undo edit" link (perhaps replaced with icon later)
  • The link is persistent until the user goes to another page
  • The link undoes the previous edit
  • Should be placed close the edited field

Simple Text Inline Edit Storyboard
Mockups and examples of interaction in context

IE Story 3: Provide user with "redo edit" capabilities


  • Once a user has initiated "undo edit" give them a "redo edit" link
  • Redo should only change the field back to the value it had been prior to the last undo, and after activation become an Undo icon again.

(Note: This storycard appears to have been completed without an associated JIRA task.)

In Design (to be scheduled for development)

IE Story 6: Placeholder for error handling (e.x. name exists, etc.) - NEEDS TO BE FLESHED OUT & SCHEDULED

  • Name already exists
  • Empty field not allowed