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Berkeley Summit Agile Design Activity

The idea is to run through our design process in super speed while we are together.  We'll time box several of our normal design activities so that we come out of the day with some design ideas for rich text inline editing.  We'll define the component, contexts of use and user needs together and then split up into smaller groups to start creating low fidelity storyboards for one of the contexts.  The expectation is NOT to have a well-baked design but rather to have several great ideas we've worked on and through together that will be the jumping off point for further design work.

Design Team

  1. Create problem statement (30 minutes)
  2. Create list of design goals (30 minutes)
  3. Review personas (15 minutes)
  4. Create list of Contexts-of-Use (30 minutes)
  5. Create list of scenario titles within context of use (45 minutes)
  6. Choose a primary scenario and a primary context of use (for today's activities) and flesh out a bit (30 minutes)

Smaller Groups

  1. Create storyboard (using low fidelity techniques) of primary scenario (2 hours)
    1. each step in the scenario can go on a sheet of easel paper so flipping through the pad is the storyboard
    2. screens should be low fidelity using paper, pens, post-its, etc.
  2. Present project back to larger team (15 minutes each)