Documentation for a historical release of Infusion: 1.3
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Rich Text Inline Edit Scenarios


  • Update / change profile picture
  • Update contact information
  • Add my new publication to profile
  • Add a link (copy from browser)
  • Visually indicate editable fields (different ways of doing this)
  • Revising a document - "find and replace" functionality
  • Link text to another web resource (i.e. link terminology to wikipedia page)


  • is a web page?
  • Copy information (text, images, etc.) into the syllabus
  • Add image to syllabus
  • Move information around on syllabus
  • Follow institution suggested formatting
  • Move text/object/image/media from one place to another within syllabus
  • Create free form syllabus
  • Format text (create headings, change color, change font, style...?)
  • Create TOC and/or outline
  • Help me make my syllabus accessible (UI options)
  • Add/edit contact information
  • Help me make good styling decisions
  • Create class schedule & add syllabus
  • Add next weeks assignment, readings, etc.
  • Describe assignments & grading scales
  • Structure by week
  • Insert link (to other website, video, document, etc.)
  • Attach reading materials
  • Release next week's content
  • Add information to syllabus that gets released later (conditional release)

An additional scenario can be found at: Scenario - Edit page in 3akai