Photoshop Notes

Notes from Photoshop community workshop:

Photo editing

Image adjustment methods

Basic Adjustments
  • image > adjustments > brightness/contrast
More Control (visualize amount of dark, light, and mid-tones)
  • image > adjustments > curves
  • image > adjustments > levels
Colour Adjustments
  • image > adjustments > hue/saturation
  • image > adjustments > colour balance
  • image > adjustments > replace colour
Layer Adjustments (inserts layer that adjusts all layers below, can be edited)
  • window > adjustments > (select type of adjustment)


Used to select only a selection of a layer or folder to be displayed

Window > Mask
  • create a selection using the lasso tool of the area to show
  • click 'mask' button on the top of the mask window to add new pixel mask
  • hide areas by using the brush tool in black
  • show areas by using the brush tool in white
  • use feather in the mask window to have masked image blend into the background


Saves a series of steps to be repeated on other images

Window > Actions
  • click 'create new action' button on the bottom of the action window
  • click 'record' button on the bottom of the action window
  • perform edits to image
  • when finished, click 'stop' button
  • click the 'play' button on an image you wish to repeat those step on