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My Lifelong Learning Lab

Wiki: Self-Assessment

Docs: Design Narrative

Design: Self Reflection Playground


Wiki: Sonification

Wiki: Floe Sonification Framework

Github: PhET Open Sound Control Bridge

Text to Speech

Docs: Text To Speech API

Citizen Research

Video: Nexus Science Lab (May 2017, 12:24 minutes)

Video: Short Nexus Science Lab (April 2017, 6:02 minutes)

Design Toolkit

Inclusive Design Guide

Co-design Toolkit

Inclusive Learning Design Handbook

Video: Inclusive Design Guide (March 2018, 1.53 minutes)

Wiki: Inclusive Design Guide

Video: ILDH, Floe & P4A (April 2017, 6:41 minutes)

Video: Short ILDH, Floe & P4A (April 2017, 2:25 minutes)

Wiki: Inclusive Design Toolkit

Wiki: Design Handbook

Wiki: Making an Inclusive and Accessible Website

Presentation: Multimodal Design Patterns

Docs: 3 Dimensions of Inclusive Design

PhET Simulations

PhET Accessibility

Wiki: Inclusivity and Accessibility of Interactive Web Games and Simulations

Design: John Travoltage

Design: Energy Skate Park

Design: Forces and Motion

Wiki: Create-a-thon


Docs: Infusion

Github: Infusion Docs

Wiki: UIO Browser Extension

Video: Introduction to User Interface Options (September 2017, 3:46 minutes)

Demo: UIO RTL Language Support

Demo: Infusion Renderer

Demo: Renderer with Data Binding

Demo: Keyboard Accessibility Plugin

Demo: Overview Panel

Quality Infrastructure

Wiki: Architecture & Design

Github: QI Development Environments

Video: Quality Infrastructure (August 2016, 5:36 minutes)

Video: Short QI Update (April 2017, 4:32 minutes)


Video: Nexus P4A Year 4 Update (March 2018, 2:37 minutes)

Docs: Overview and Architecture

Docs: Nexus API

Github: Nexus

Video: Nexus Musical Instrument (August 2016, 7:09 minutes)

Video: John Travoltage Nexus Integration (February 2017, 1 minute)

Github: John Travoltage Nexus Integration


Demo: Inline Edit Component


Demo: Story Authoring

Site: Learning to Learn Story Collection

Site: Social Justice Repair Kit

Wiki: Social Justice Repair Kit

Chart Authoring

Demo: Pie Chart

Metadata Authoring

Demo: Metadata Authoring

Design: Content Finding

OER Authoring

Design: OER Commons authoring tool mockups


Design: Platform for Economic Inclusion Badges

Wiki: Outside-In Project Badging


Demo: Metadata and Feedback Gathering on OER

First Discovery

Wiki: First Discovery Server Demo

Demo: First Discovery

Demo: First Discovery in the Assessment Context

Demo: First Discovery in the Voting Context

Docs: First Discovery

UI Options & Preference Management

UIO Chrome Plugin

Video: UIO+ in the GPII (December 2017, 3:54 minutes)

Design: Mobile and Responsive

Video: Preference Management Tools (March 2015, 2:19 minutes)

Demo: Preference Exploration

Demo: UIO with Simplify and Text to Speech

Demo: UI Options

Demo: Readium Integration of UIO

Demo: Minimal Editor

Demo: Full Page UIO

Demo: Conditionally Shown Adjustors

Demo: Composite Panels with Conditionally Shown Adjustors

Demo: Table of Contents Component

Demo: Switch Component

Demo: Textfield Controls

Privacy & Security

Video: Security and Privacy Architecture (March 2015, 3:03 minutes)

Wiki: Privacy Needs and Preferences

Demo: Personal Privacy Storybuilder Prototype

Docs: Inclusive Design For Privacy

Reordering Content

Demo: Grid Reorderer

Demo: Image Reorderer

Demo: Layout Reorderer

Demo: List Reorderer

Demo: Table Row Reordering

Paging Content

Demo: Pager Component

Demo: Sorting Columns

Progress Indication

Demo: Progress Component

Demo: Bidirectional Animation


Demo: Uploader Component

Video Player

Demo: Video Player with UIO panel


Wiki: Edify

Wiki: Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2016 Projects

Wiki: Pressbooks Accessibility Analysis

Wiki: Floe Collaborations


Fluid Project

Floe Project

Inclusive Design Research Centre

Social Justice Repair Kit


Build Site

Inclusive Cities


Accessibility Sprint 2015

Outside In

Other Videos

Video: Future of Technology (January 2018, 22:10 minutes)

Video: Unlearning to Include and Innovate (September 2018, 53:14 minutes)

Video: About Inclusion and the IDRC (September 2012, 1:45 minutes)

Video: Empathy (January 2016, 1:49 minutes)

Video: Accessible Design (April 2011, 5:02 minutes)

Video: Inclusive Design - Jutta (February 2018, 51:31 minutes)

Video: Disability Experts Conference on Federal Accessibility Law (August 2017, 3 hours)

Video: Games (GSoC Projects) (October 2018, 3:03 minutes)

Fluid Project Old Blog Posts

Accessible Drag-and-drop Musings

Launching the FLUID Project

York, Fluid, and Moodle

Fluid Project Security Proposals

About this and that

Finding things quickly

A bridge between this and that


Keyboard Accessibility for jQuery and Infusion

Come hack with us!

And hack we did!

Designing Inclusive Open Educational Video Resources at OVC 2011

Doing it Differently

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