(Floe) Preference Exploration and Self-Assessment (MyL3)


The goal of this work is to consider "Self-assessment and preference exploration environments that support learners in learning to learn and refining their understanding of their accessibility needs" (Floe5 grant).

Summary of Inclusive Self-Assessment

This work is also being carried out as part of the Automated Personalization Computing Project (APCP), see also the press release here


Many of the preference-setting tools that have been developed as part of the Floe project so far have taken into account where and how a user might discover preferences for the first time. Particularly with the Exploration Tool and the First Discovery Tool, the idea of playful exploration and an introduction to the concept and function of preferences was at the forefront of the design and development work. How can a user who has never set their preferences discover what works for them in a way that is non-intimidating, engaging and possibly even fun? While the Exploration Tool and First Discovery Tool provide an opportunity for preference discovery, an additional element of self-reflection is required in order for a learner to determine what is working for them on an individual basis. It should also enable them to set flexible goals and customizable milestones to achieve those goals based on their needs and preferences.

My Lifelong Learning Lab (MyL3)

Some of our work in this area has coalesced under the umbrella term of My Lifelong Learning Lab. We are creating extensible supports that allow a learner to become an experimental researcher in the subject of their own learning. They can set up inquiries, instrument these inquiries (sensor, monitors, etc.), monitor the data, analyze the data (with adjustable presentation styles that match their needs), use the results to make adjustments to their learning, etc.

"What happens to assessment if everyone has a different desired outcome or a different role to play? Here we need to explore the option of engaging learners themselves, supported by personalized learning analytics -- as aspiring research scientists in the important subject of self-regulation and self-determination." J.Treviranus

Designs for Implementation

  1. Phase I - Providing a selection of quick notes and enable tracking them in the playground.
  2. Phase II - Allow users to create custom quick notes and enable the mapping option in the playground
  3. Phase III - Add journal and queries modules to MyL3

Mockups, Prototypes and Demos

Prototype that imports data into MyL3 from external sources

Design Iteration Narrative (WIP) 

Early Explorations

Design Process

Meeting Notes


Lifelong Learning


Quantified Self

Mood Tracking

Data Collection