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Uploader Design Overview

1. Problem

Problem Statement: Currently most web applications use the standard http file browse and upload service provided with the <input type="file"> form field.

  • Only one file can be selected at a time for upload.
  • Interface is inconsistent from browser to browser even down to the labels on the browse button.
  • The application can not specify the file type or types that are accepted in the current context.
  • The browser does not provide meaningful or consistent feedback on the upload process.

2. Users

Catalina and Christy are some of the users whose needs we primarily considered when designing the Uploader.

Fluid Personas are a collection of various types of important users whose needs we need to consider throughout the design process.

3. Users' needs

Contexts of Use: Where in the systems we support is an Uploader being used currently?

Functional Requirements: What use cases does the Uploader component support?

Primary & Secondary Scenarios: In what scenarios would the Uploader be used?

4. Solution

Wireframes: What does the Uploader look like and how does it behave?

Storyboards: How, when, and where would the user use an Uploader?

Comprehensive File Upload Design Pattern: Design advice for performing a "comprehensive" (complex) file upload.

5. Uploader User Testing

Uploader User Testing: Summary of all user testing performed on the Uploader component.

User Testing Protocol: Describes how the user testing of the Uploader will be carried out.

User Testing Results: Describes how the users interacted with the Uploader prototype and what improvements can be made.