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Uploader Storyboard - Upload with Error

File sharing (Student Secondary Scenario)

For a group project, Ashley's teammate, Fred, creates a project space on bSpace. To set up this collaboration area, Fred puts in a name and other details for the space, and enters the username of each team member to give them the authority to use the site. The team members use it mainly for sharing documents, whereas they prefer to use email and IM for communicating. On the group site, it is easy to see who uploads what and when, rather than sending the file around via email. Ashley finds an old report from the previous term and decides to use it as a template for the group report. She changes the title, deletes the old contents, adds her sections, and names the file as "FinalReport_V1."

Ashley logs onto bSpace and finds the project group site.

Ashley goes to the document sharing page.

She clicks on Add Files button.

She selects her version of the final report and the supplementary files.

She clicks the Upload button and watches the progress bar move across.

Upload is done, but there were errors with two of her files. Ashley sees the green "Retry" button for the data sheet.

She clicks on the green "Retry" button to try uploading the data sheet again.

The data sheet is uploaded succesfully. Ashley sees the green checkmark beside it and is satisfied. There is no Retry option for the appendices file. She gets rid of the appendices file by clicking on the red Remove button.

Ashley sees the list with only the three successfully uploaded files.

The uploader screen goes away in one second, and Ashley is back on the document sharing page. She sees her newly uploaded files on the page, highlighted.