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Uploader Storycards

Story Cards =

  • use cases: simple, functional statement
  • details of interaction
  • wireframes or mockups
  • testable

Upcoming Tasks for 1.0

  • Can't pause bug: Wait until current file is done, then pause 1d
  • Green Progress 1h
  • Error Handling 2d * Design work 1d
  • File Name Truncation 1d * Design work 1/2d
  • Cancel and Done buttons 2h
  • Estimated time 4d

Ready to be scheduled in jira

Uploader Storycard TR: Truncate long file names to fit the File Name column

  • Check if the string is longer than the width of the column
  • If the string is longer than the column, start taking out characters from the middle until the string fits within the column.
  • Place an ellipsis where the characters have been taken out.  

Uploader Storycard 3 (Fluid-1889): Add remaining time for upload to the progress bar

  • Add remaining time (this is an estimate) to progress bar.
  • Display format: "16:45 remaining"
  • This is meant as a heuristic for users not an exact measurement.  The estimate may change depending on various factors. We want them to know "do I have time to grab a cup of coffee" or "I need to leave in 5 minutes, will this be done or should cancel and do it later or wait 1 extra minute cause its almost done".

Uploader Storyboard - Simple Upload

Uploader Storycard 5 (Fluid - 2044): Add "Stop Upload" and "Cancel Remaining Uploads" Workflow

  • Once upload is in progress, change "Upload" button to "Stop Upload"
  • "Stop Upload" stops the upload and gives the user 2 new buttons: "Cancel Remaining Uploads" and "Resume"
  • "Resume" continues with the upload
  • "Cancel Remaining Uploads" gives user a message about what happened with a "Done" button at the bottom they need to accept. They will need to choose done to close out of uploader.

Uploader Storyboard - Upload and Cancel

To be scheduled - needs further design

Uploader Storycard 4: Truncate the long file names to fit in the "file name" column.

  • When the number of characters in the file name exceeds the maximum number of characters that can be displayed in the "file name" column at the given text size, truncate the name using the following rules to display it without altering the column width.
  • Always show the "dot extension" portion to indicate the file type, typically the last 4 characters including the dot.
  • Display roughly equal amount of characters from the front and from the back.
  • Place a one-character ellipses "..." (ampersand)hellip(semicolon).
  • The rest of the space should be filled in with the diagram

Uploader Storycard 6: Error: file name already exists (Erin)

  • give user message letting them know the name exists and asking if they really want to upload.
  • Give the option to not see message again & always upload files.
  • Give them the option of changing the name or replacing
  • Message should be specific to the situation: 1) if file name matches file already in the system versus 2) there are 2 matching file names in the queue

Uploader Storyboard - Upload with Error

Implemented Story Cards

Uploader Storycard 9 (Fluid - 2045): Make status bar green while showing and progress and after completion

  • Rather than the current gray, make the status bars green (on individual files and the global status at bottom). 
  • Once upload is complete, the global status bar should stay green (see Uploader Storyboard - Simple Upload)

Uploader Storycard 8 (Fluid-1890):  Gray out uploaded files


  • Currently successfully uploaded files are green to match the success checkmark and the green bar indicator.  We would like the files and size to look unactionable by being grayed out.   Perhaps a green grey would work?  We need a better distinction between those uploaded and those still in the queue (particularly in an "add more" scenario).

Uploader Storycard 1: Remove "pause" button


  • The pause button is no longer part of the upload component. Remove it completely.
  • Additional storycards will be created to make up for gaps in functionality this causes.

Uploader Storyboard - Simple Upload

Testing Details: Interaction & UI match storyboard

Uploader Storycard 2: "Remove" button should not display once files are being uploaded


  • The user cannot remove files once upload has begun. Do not display the remove button/icon once the upload has begun.

Uploader Storyboard - Simple Upload

Uploader Storycard 3: Update information at the bottom

  • The bottom bar includes the total progress bar as well as more detailed information regarding the upload progress:
    • User selects t files from the browser file window:
      To upload: t files (T KB)
    • Upload progresses:
      Uploading: x of t files (X of T KB)
    • Upload completes for all t files:
      Uploaded: t files (T KB)
    • If upload fails with n errors and the remainder (x files) uploads successfully:
      Uploaded: x files (X KB), n errors Uploader Storyboard - Upload with Error
    • After the batch of files has been uploaded, user clicks "Add more" and selects q files:
      To upload: q files (Q KB) Uploader Storyboard - Add more