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Uploader Specification


These errors are known to the uploader once the user has chosen "Upload". 

All the Inline Edit Storycards are available on the Uploader Storycards page.

The current storycards are:

Wireframes & Final Storyboards

Visual Representation of Interesting Moments

Interesting Moments


Click on Add Files (Discoverability)

OS file system popup

Select files from OS file window

File Queue(Clarity)

Edit Initiated

NOTE:  Red text indicates this state should be configurable by integrator

Error Handling

There are 2 categories of errors we want to handle with the uploader, client-side and server-side.  

Client-side errors:

  • File size is too big
  • File type not allowed

Ideally both of these should be handled at the time of file browsing so the user is not allowed to choose them.  The user will not be allowed to choose files that are too big or types that are not allowed.  Typically they display as greyed out.  However, sometimes the system misses these and in such cases, the uploader should handle the errors once they hit the file queue.  The interaction will be the same as with server side errors only the user will get the message as the file is added to the queue.

See Uploader Storyboard - Upload with Error for detailed interactions.

Server-side errors:

  • Duplicate file
  • Connection tiimed out
  • File size is too big

These errors are known to the uploader once the user has chosen "Upload". 

See Uploader Storyboard - Upload with Error for detailed interactions in the case of these errors.

Configurable Behaviors / Settings

  • Whether to display the uploader inline or in a pop-up
  • Whether to dismiss the uploader upon upload completion (using timer) or to give user an option to dismiss