Playing, Pausing and Stepping


When running programs created in the Inclusive Coding Environment, I would like to choose between stepping through the programs and having them execute through to completion automatically.

Figma Designs


There are 3 buttons, a play/pause, a step and a restart.

The Step button steps through each action in the program. When a loop is encountered, it steps into loop. If you have a loop of 2 steps and 4 iterations, you would hit the Step button 8 times to get through the loop.

Notes and Examples:

Character Position

  • Play: program and character will continue from where they are
  • Pause: execution will pause, program and character will keep current position
  • Reset: program resets to beginning, character resets to middle, scene is cleared
  • When the end of the program is reached, character stays where they are, any drawings stay on screen