Open Source Resource Repository

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As an educator, I want to be able to easily find and share open resources (activities, lesson plans, and teaching techniques) related to coding, which  I can use with my students who have varying needs.


The first version of the open repository may simply be a website with:

  • List of available resources
  • A summary of each resource
  • Relevant metadata such as grade level, type of activity, etc. that will make it easier for an educator to find resources that suit their needs.
  • Attribution such as who created it and how it can be reused/modified
  • Link to the resource if it lives elsewhere


  • The open resource repository is publicly available 
  • There is a small but sufficient collection of resources available within it (based on existing resources we've gathered)
  • We have established a simple workflow for adding resources to it; this may involve, initially, a manual process where developers code the appropriate markup, etc.


  1. Create an annotated list of existing accessible coding tools and initiatives