Follow Clapping

Size: (weeks of effort)


Goal of this task is to implement playful interaction with coding robots. Follow clapping is a feature where robots detect direction of clapping sounds and move towards the sound source.  


As a first step, will make a simple web based sound analyzer to detect clapping sound by analyzing characteristics of clapping sound. The next step would be to map the analyzer to the web version of C2LC prototype; nothing too fancy but whenever clapping sounds are detected, then it will just write one of commands on the program editor. After that, planning whether to place microphones on top of the robots or to the floors then test if it's possible to detect which microphone is closer to the sound source. Lastly, modify the prototype to update the program editor towards sound source.


  • The analyzer should be able to detect if sound input is a clap.
  • The web prototype should be able to update based on the sound input.


Tone.js :