Create and share a summary of the accessibility issues and strengths of existing coding environments

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As someone who is interested in inclusive coding education, I want to be able to learn more about the state of accessibility in current popular educational coding tools/environments, such as Scratch or Cubetto or Blockly, and to be able to compare them easily so that I can make an appropriate choice for my students/family/friends.


  • Determine a criteria for examining existing tools, which covers different types of accessibility needs
  • Gather a list of popular existing coding tools and environment
  • Do a literature scan of papers, blogs, and other information about accessibility of these environments
  • Try to out these environments and assess them based on our criteria above
  • Summarize the things we learned in a relatively short post on our website or wiki


  1. We've identified a reasonable number of tools to assess
  2. We have enough hands-on experience as well as literature to assess them
  3. A summary is available on our website or wiki in a form that is most likely to be useful to educators or prospective collaborators