Get Involved

The Coding to Learn and Create project is an open, collaborative project that welcomes new contributors. We have several forums where we share our work and have discussions about the project. Please join us!

Talk to Each Other

Weekly Team Meeting

The project team meets on Wednesdays at 10:30 am Eastern using Zoom. We update each other on what has been done in the past week and talk through any issues or questions.

Casual Chats

The design and development team uses Matrix channels for casual conversations about the project work.

Share Documents, Links, Ideas and Prototypes

Working Documents

The project team uses Google drive to share working documents.

Sharing Links and Ideas

The project team uses a mailing list for asynchronous conversations about the project. You can join the mailing list or view the archives.

How to Use the Mailing List

  1. Subscribe to it:

    1. Put your email address and name here and click the Subscribe button:

    2. Check your junk folder in case the confirmation email goes there

  2. Once you’ve confirmed your subscription, send your email to: and everyone will get it


The design and development team sometimes makes prototypes of various technologies being created. Currently there is a prototype of a simple web based programming environment that can connect to Dash or Sphero robots and have them follow paths. There is also a prototype of the Educator's Toolkit which contains coding related lesson plans and materials.

Project Updates

Blog posts about the project are available on the project website.

Plan Our Work

The project team uses this wiki to document tasks and features that have been completed, are being worked on and are planned for the future. 

Bi-weekly Iteration Planning Meeting

The design and development team meets on alternate Tuesdays at 10 am Eastern for an Iteration Planning Meeting. During this meeting, work that has been completed in the last iteration is shared and reviewed, and work is planned and assigned for the iteration that is starting. Tasks for each iteration are organized in this spreadsheet.

Develop Software

The development team uses JIRA to track issues and features being built into the development environment and Github to manage our source code. The newest release of the coding environment is linked to from the project website.