FE - Contextual research

Our community of designers conducted research around museums, the use of information technology in museums, and ways to enhance the visitor experience in museums with the aid of technology. This section gathers all the information compiled and created by the design team on museums, visitor experience, and technology.

Background information on museums

Field research

> General resources on museums
> Interview & contextual inquiry guide for exhibition designer
> Museum visitors - characteristics and behaviour
> Museum staff - roles
> All-hands brainstorm and affinity diagram
> Notes from introductory calls with partner museums
> Notes from general museum visits
> Notes from partner museum visits

Museums and information technologies

> Benchmark of museums websites
> Interview on audio tours at the DIA
> Interview on audio tours at the Art Gallery of Ontario

Design documentation

Principles of design for museums

> General principles for designing visitor-facing museum tools
> Information delivery strategies
> General considerations about technology implementation

Ontological studies

> Interaction model ontology
> Ontological design process
> Ontological proto-models
> Scenario interaction overview 
> Journey framework - SFMOMA

Tagging & metadata

> Conceptual mapping and tagging resources
> Museum metadata overview

Spatial mapping

> Mapping ideas: list and catalogue
> Mapping scenarios
> Map tool overview and scenarios
> Functionality-to-scenario grids


> Museum experience of blind visitor


> Designing and testing for emotion

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