Fluid Engage Design

Fluid Engage is building flexible software with museums and cultural institutions to enhance their visitors' experience. Engage makes it easy for visitors to connect with content, interact with objects, and extend the museum visit.

On this page, you can find our design work on a museum mobile application, museum kiosk chassis and interface, and general museum contextual research.


Design for a mobile application that supports the in-museum visitor experience by allowing visitors to explore artifacts in the space more deeply.

> Latest wireframes (Draft 9, Jan.-Feb. 2010)
> Latest interaction flow diagram (PDF) (Draft 9, Jan.-Feb. 2010)
> Latest user testing results (Draft 9/Engage 0.3, Mar. 2010)
> Benchmark of iPhone and mobile in museums
> Twitters from MoMA's "What features would you like in an museum iPhone app?"
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Design for a kiosk that allows visitors to view, select, and print themed tours.

> Kiosk design overview
> Latest wireframes (Draft 6, Mar. 2010)
> Latest 3D rendering (Draft 1, Mar. 2010)
> Physical kiosk design sketches
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Contextual research

Our community of designers conducted research around museums, the use of information technology in museums, and ways to enhance the visitor experience in museums with the aid of technology.

> Field research on museums
> General principles for designing visitor-facing museum tools
> Tagging & metadata
> Spatial mapping
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General information
Design repository

We keep our files in Fluid's subversion repository: http://source.fluidproject.org/svn/design/engage

If you're new to using subversion, see: Subversion for Fluid designers using Versions

Design tasks

Current and past iterations of design activities can be found in our JIRA.


Design communication is done over the fluid-work mailing list. Meetings about specific design issues are announced over the list and added to the Fluid calendar.

Participation by everyone in our design communications over the list and in our meetings is welcome and encouraged!

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