Benchmark of museum websites

First list of museums websites

Benchmarking_first list of museums.xls

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This document contains an extensive list of worldwide museums, with some details about the main characteristics of their websites, particularly those related to:

  • Online exhibitions
  • The explicit existence of a mobile version
  • Maps
  • Online community
  • Feed and subscription options

It contains also annotations about specific issues to take into account.

This first list serves to select those websites that will be more deeply analyzed on the benchmarking.

Yellow colored ones (about 20) are proposed as selected for the final list. However, benchmarking will also include references to good practices that have been observed in websites that don't take part on this final list.

Benchmarking reports

Iphone at museums

This page contains information about museums' projects developed for the Iphone.


This page contains some examples on mapping on museum's websites, as well as other issues that can be related to it. It includes both spatial and conceptual mapping and the spectrum between them.

Museums' websites

This section (under construction) will contain reports on analyzed museum websites, which are:

To execute benchmarking, following items are taken into account:

  •  General info
    • URL
    • City / Country
    • Theme
    • Languages
    • Platforms
    • Web accessibility
    • Mission
    • Outstanding features
  • Maps
  • Exhibitions
  • Resources
  • Online activities
  • Visit planning
  • Visit follow-up
  • Online community
  • Mobile features
  • Searching & browsing
  • Subscription
  • Online transactions
  • Other best practices