IUI Project Tasks (Archived)

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Overview of Guideline and Personalization Deliverables

The above diagram depicts how findings from co-design become different articulations or renditions in different contexts. While the diagram may imply a linear progression from go design to guidelines or platform architecture, in reality all these parts are interconnected and inform each other.

The diagram does not portray other investigation and research activities in this project such as literature research, and conversations with subject matter experts.

Guideline model for inclusion in virtual healthcare

TaskSchedule #PeopleStatusNotes
Review of Canadian Virtual Healthcare guidelines



Review documentation:

Review of Existing Relevant Virtual Health Guidelines and Practices

Review of recommended practices2.2


Analysis of the recommended practices can be read in Review of Existing Relevant Virtual Health Guidelines and Practices.

Review of indirectly related guidance



Review of indirectly relevant guidelines can be found in Review of Existing Relevant Virtual Health Guidelines and Practices.
Ongoing guideline model updates2.4


Model for Inclusive Guidelines in Virtual Healthcare

Revision of this model will be ongoing and refined as a result of co-design contributions.

Ongoing guideline literature review2.4


Report on the affected contexts and stakeholders in virtual healthcare gaps

Note: The original task was to establish a list of "vulnerable groups". Instead, the work will explore the contexts and functions where gaps exist and barriers arise that prevent people from engaging in their healthcare virtually.

TaskSchedule #PeopleStatusNotes
Draft lifecycle of virtual care deployment and stakeholders3.1Jon


Through our meetings we have begun to identify actors and flows within virtual care deployment.  A system diagram has not yet been developed. Virtual Care Systems Diagram Planning (3.1)

To be completed once co-design is completed.

Identify functions and contexts that create barriers and gaps

3.2, 3.4Jon



Functional Barriers to Access for Virtual Care

Consult with advocacy groups3.3Lisa, Caren


To be incorporated into co-design process.
Draft report of barriers, gaps, and functions that exclude people from engaging in virtual healthcare3.5Jon


See: Functional Barriers to Access for Virtual Care

Ongoing updates to draft report



See: Functional Barriers to Access for Virtual Care

Co-design virtual healthcare guidelines

TaskSchedule #PeopleStatusNotes
Recruit co-designers for guideline criteria4.1Lisa, Caren


Iteratively co-design guideline criteria4.2Lisa, Caren


Recruit co-designers not represented4.3Lisa, Caren, Jon


Co-design presentations of inclusive virtual healthcare guidelines

Co-design presentations of guidelines with guideline implementers (includes procurement language, evaluation tools, and contextualized criteria for vendors)

  • Guidelines are only useful if they can be operationalized by the various stakeholders in the implementation. These stakeholders have diverse backgrounds and objectives. The guidelines will be presented from the viewpoint of the diverse stakeholders, including technical development, legal, policy, and assessment.

TaskSchedule #PeopleStatusNotes
Create draft guideline for vendor and procurement contexts
Jon, Justin, Vera

Aspects to cover:

  • Technical development
  • Legal - regulations and standards
  • Policy - procurement policies

Some of this can be started before co-designed criteria. For example there is already existing understanding of accessibility, procurement policies, standards, and regulations.

Recruit co-designers for evaluation of guideline presentations5.1Jon

Iteratively co-design evaluation of guideline presentations5.2Jon

Recruit co-designers not represented for guideline criteria evaluation5.3Jon

Report on guidelines and guideline development process

TaskSchedule #PeopleStatusNotes
Engage with stakeholders review guidelines and presentations6.1Jon

Refine guidelines and presentations based on reviews


Draft report on guidelines and process of development6.3Jon

Use Cases for personalization in virtual healthcare

TaskSchedule #PeopleStatusNotes
Using list of barriers, gaps, and contexts, articulate personalization gaps and needed features for virtual healthcare 7.1Jon, Justin


See: Personalization in virtual healthcare tools
Draft personalization use cases7.2Jon, Justin


See: Section - Software Approaches for Expressing Personal Preferences for Healthcare#Analysis and Personal Preferences Approach

Co-designed personalization artifacts and synthesis

TaskSchedule #PeopleStatusNotes
Recruit co-designers to explore personalization


Caren, Jon, Lisa


Conduct co-design on healthcare personalization8.2Caren, Jon, Lisa


Recruit co-designers not represented8.3

Personalization software integration and report

TaskSchedule #PeopleStartEndStatusNotes
Integrate UIO into NRC bConnected web and mobile app9.1JustinFeb 1Feb 28
  • May require tweaking/updating styles on the website
  • Need to decide which preferences to make available
Save preferences to centralized / accessible location for bConnected web app9.1
Feb 22Mar 5
probably in JSON
Create basic designs for UI Options personalization in bConnected web app9.1JonMar 1Mar 26

Retrieve UIO preferences in bConnected mobile app

Mar 1Mar 12

Implement basic designs for responding to UI Options preferences in bConnected web and mobile apps

9.1JustinMar 15Apr 30


Explore UIO in React.

Implementation of basic designs resulting from co-design9.1

Additional preferences may be informed from co-design Round 2.

Document integration and extensibility process9.2

Analyse and synthesize outcomes from co-design

9.2JonFeb 15May 31

Create basic designs resulting from co-design that could be implemented within scope of project time and resources

Mar 15Apr 16
Consider support for different medical health record formats and remote patient monitoring interoperability.

Create an evolving resource that compiles the ideas, artifacts, and designs for personalization in virtual healthcare software.

9.2JonFeb 15May 31



Scenarios of different implementations and their pros/cons

Enough resources and guidance to help implementation later.

Complete report on framework development and results9.3


TaskSchedule #PeopleStartEndStatusNotes

Report on inclusive design approaches

  • co-design
  • interviews
  • architecture design