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Comment: Migrated to Confluence 4.0


1. Make things easier to see

  • minimum font size (and relative sizing from there)
  • grey scale compatible (contrast of indistinguishable colours adjusted)
  • serif vs. sans serif
  • spacing
  • contrast (increase and decrease contrast)
  • remove background images

Note: Adjust relative font size difference to accommodate screen size.
Highlights using thin line may be an issue
Line length?
Under contrast - less reflective colours?

2. Make things easier to find

  • table of contents
  • link
  • form field (actionable items)
  • enhanced structure (spacing, bolding, boxes)

3. Make things easier to control

  • larger button and actionable items
  • keyboard shortcuts (optimize with respect to AT, navigation bar, menus, etc)
  • easy access controls (key lock, repeat delay, key delay, etc., if not inherited from OS)

4. Make things less cluttered

  • simplified layout
  • remove background images

5. Give me alternatives to images

  • display alt text instead of images

6. Give me alternatives to sounds

  • visual alternatives to sound

7. Make it work the way I'm used to

  • menu location and order
  • toolbar location and order
  • keyboard shortcuts for standard functions
    (undo, print, save, back)
    (location and actions)

8. Captions and Descriptions for Videos

9. Language
-language, display two languages

  • two languages displayed