User Interface Options Long Term Roadmap

(This proposed structure and header language comes from discussions at the All Hands meeting. The discussion also touched upon the limits of transformation given cooperative or uncooperative applications or applications built to be compatible. The consensus was that we need to work on these transformations in the Fluid components to begin with.)

1. Make things easier to see

  • minimum font size (and relative sizing from there)
  • grey scale compatible (contrast of indistinguishable colours adjusted)
  • serif vs. sans serif
  • spacing
  • contrast (increase and decrease contrast)
  • remove background images

Note: Adjust relative font size difference to accommodate screen size.
Highlights using thin line may be an issue
Line length?
Under contrast - less reflective colours?

2. Make things easier to find

  • table of contents
  • link
  • form field (actionable items)
  • enhanced structure (spacing, bolding, boxes)

3. Make things easier to control

  • larger button and actionable items
  • keyboard shortcuts (optimize with respect to AT, navigation bar, menus, etc)
  • easy access controls (key lock, repeat delay, key delay, etc., if not inherited from OS)

4. Make things less cluttered

  • simplified layout
  • remove background images

5. Give me alternatives to images

  • display alt text instead of images

6. Give me alternatives to sounds

  • visual alternatives to sound

7. Make it work the way I'm used to

  • menu location and order
  • toolbar location and order
  • keyboard shortcuts for standard functions
    (undo, print, save, back)
    (location and actions)

8. Captions and Descriptions for Videos

9. Language
-language, display two languages

  • two languages displayed