IDI big picture

Member Organizations

OCAD University (central facility)
George Brown College
Seneca College
Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
Ryerson University
University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT)
University of Toronto
York University

Research Clusters

Design and Development
Implementation and Information Practices
Business Case, Policies, Standards and Legislation
Mobile and Pervasive Computing


1. Distributed Collaboration Network
2. Networked usability and accessibility labs
2a. Cross-platform testing facility
3. Mobile and Pervasive Computing research platform
3a. Accessible Gaming Platform
4. Sensory Mode Translation and Media Access Facility
4a. Captioning and Description
4b. Sensory Mode Translation
5. Portable Accessible Performance Kit
6. Accessible Research Applications
7. Experimental Inclusive Meeting Facility
8. Management, Training, and Setup
9. Renovation to house research infrastructure
George Brown College Observation Lab
York University Accessible Gaming Lab
Sheridan College Visualization Design Institute Enhancement
Ryerson Digital Media Infrastructure
OCAD Ubiquitous Performance Laboratory
Seneca College

Work Areas (draft)

Fluid component library

accessible LMS
accessible CMS
Accessible Whiteboard
Booking and Inventory

Infrastructure Operation