(SJRK) August 8, 2019 Partners Meeting


  • Dana
  • Gregor
  • Liam


  • Dates tentatively set for SJRK Face-to-Face meeting and DEEP
    • Oct 17th for F2F and Oct 18th for DEEP things

TIG - Liam

Storytelling Tool

  • Easier to customize - has been merged!
  • Dealing with other bugs too 
  • Use the tool during the SJRK face to face / DEEP - how ?
    • A special instance of the site specific to this?
    • “DEEP stories”
    • E.g. A problem template - allow/help partners to prepare for it - defining how to engage with the public - open-ended questions
    • Seeing an example of what you’re looking for helps - start with something
    • What’s happened so far, what is the problem space, how can folks provide useful input?
    • Projects happening in contexts (other partners) that folks aren’t familiar with
    • Create stories and also test the tool
    • Might need another instance of the tool to not clutter up the other stories - talk to Alan about this
    • Use as an ongoing communication tool re: the work all the partners are doing on the project - call them stories rather than reports :)
    • What is a story? How can it be useful?
    • https://unhabitat.youthmovements.org/
    • Travel logs from partners - travelling to DEEP, also their experience of DEEP - different perspectives of what DEEP is (open to all of DEEP??)
    • How could storytelling work with co-design idea?
    • Model what this might look like - put together a brief? What input is useful to SJRK projects at this point? As we come to the end of things - consider also language - 

Dana - send email to partners about ideas for the meeting