(SJRK) July 25, 2019 Partners Meeting

Present: Liam, Dana


- extra admin work

- collaboration and sub-grant - art for communities - book with animals and numbers in Ojibway

- French CNN came to Toronto on Monday - did a film of a reading of the book - Jarvis and Queen - council fire….

- it was a little hectic! As they ran out of time

- yesterday - youth media training - Nathan Phillips sure - residential school survivors - TIG livestream of that - youth media training for that - Monday and Tuesday

DEEP/SJRK meeting

- ideas evolving

- TIG idea - presenting ideas to public - cool facilitated pieces around design jams - people come and get a sense of context, do a hackathon, except that coming up with your own idea your providing insights and inputs - building from stuff that’s going on in SJRK

- CivicTech Toronto - TPL - hacking different challenges that the library had - owners come in and

- open data hackathon at TPL

- hacking on SDGs this year

- 4 partners, need 4 separate sessions? or have 2 sessions at once and a 1/2 day and people could choose?

- or shared session working on collaborative piece

- come up with design challenges in shared space

- digital classroom stuff that Karisma is developing a curriculum

- MOOC - TIG could host - Karisma? Or Silvia?

- Rwanda partners collaboration

- travel budget for SJRK /DEEP -

- could bring someone from outside - maybe the consultant that Liam’s been working on

- who has been involved in the project, and could benefit from DEEP

- can’t think of a specific person from the North