(SJRK) June 27, 2019 Partners Meeting


CAVA and youth event in August

  • Lots of organizing work!
  • Chicos Ragga are recording - specifically a song about social justice - stories about youth in Cartagena
  • Roberto and Elbert are also organising
  • Mr Black - a musician in Cartagena  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnG_Om5FfwA
    • Helping Chicos Ragga to conceptualize songs, dance moves etc
    • Mr Black might perform at the event!! This will be a big draw for young people!
  • Environmental Guardians are part of the government - they work closely with ? EPA and Cardique - 2 departments of the government - Guardians help them to collect environmental data
  • The mayor of Cartagena will be at the event, as well as at CAVA - he will open the ceremony at CAVA

Creation of 4 OERs

  • 2 for Guardians, created by citizens - but Guardians are providing techinical support for these MOOCs
  • Using openEdX to create them
  • 1st - about environmental education - to engage people in caring for environment
    • Creating videos to explain to people what the data means - what these variables mean for the environment, the city
  • 2nd one - Environmental Management - for the Guardians
    • They will use this resource in the training of other Guardians
  • One MOOC for young women -
    • Women experience obstetric violence
    • So many People coming from Venezuela too
    • The health system can’t support
    • Women go to hospital or medical center to give birth, the procedures are not up to standards, not enough resources, 
    • Create a resource to visualize the problem - 
    • Young women aren’t aware of the problem, so don’t know what to do about it
    • Creating video stories about real cases of obstetric violence
    • For example, knowing which hospitals and clinics are good and which are not
    • Creating a blog too - in Wordpress - a place of interaction between the women and other actors
  • One MOOC for youth policy in Cartagena
    • Cartagena did not have any policy about youth
    • Plataforma Jueves (?) - platform for youth -  they are create a methodology to create a youth policy
    • Create a platform to facilitate this communication
    • (Liam - for the Mooc stuff, it may be useful to consider TIGed as the host learning managemennt system, no pressure :))
    • They are working on content now, 
    • Silvia - how would that work?

Don’t need to download anything

    • TIG has worked with IDRC using TIGed as well (Outside IN) so there is a basis for doing this http://outsidein.tigweb.org/
    • Could maybe even do both and compare them
    • Liam could give more examples - finished product and blank template “sandbox” to play with - he will share these
    • They are not locked into OpenEdX at this point so they can explore


  • Indigenous language activity at Fort York in Toronto - lots of history of Toronto
  • Education days - young students coming to learn about Indigenous rights
  • Project Heart - making tiles - picture of students from residential schools one side, hopeful images on other side 
  • These were mounted in a canoe
  • https://indigenousfoundations.arts.ubc.ca/the_residential_school_system/

Inclusive Design Guides (2)

  • Remain designing and implementing WITH rather than FOR
  • Not many on TIG staff who identify as having a disability
  • Matthew Shapiro (6 wheels consulting https://www.6wheelsconsulting.com/) - has CP, wheelchair user, familiar and interested in what TIG is doing
  • How do we create an inclusive organisational culture?
  • Figuring out the best way to engage Matthew - to ensure it goes well
  • Wander Walk - for example - those who don’t walk - how to make this inclusive - have to revisit the activities, be open and transparent about the process
  • Maybe do a design crit at IDRC too? Maybe down the line
  • Workshop activities too
  • Dana will share some of the other activities we’ve been working on - storytelling workshops, cities work, etc, - need to update the Guide activities too


  • Also how to generalize the Cities Resources guide - and make applicable to activism, youth groups etc
  • The lunchboxes idea - OSFO - how to create your own inclusive design guide - piece the modules together
  • Storytelling tool 
    • New design
    • Architecture changes
    • Writing it into upcoming grants so it will definitely be a long-term thing
    • Gregor will be shifting his work to ILDH as well - that’s getting updated too!