(SJRK) January 29, 2019 Partners Meeting

Present: Dana, Michelle, Avtar, Silvia, Tata, Liam


  • Website resources page https://www.sojustrepairit.org/resources/

    • Created several new categories and added additional partner resources

    • Adding expandable and collapsing sections and search soon

    • Not just the resources we’ve created on the project - any related resources

    • What about our idea of an Events section? We could include past and future events - Silvia has many pictures and videos, also Karisma’s events

    • Ability to send to an anchor? Break page into sections - looks like each section is about a page - talk about the different categories - allow people to go directly to a category

      • Currently have anchors in the markup

      • Eventually will have collapsed categories like the floe resources page

      • Collapsed categories would satisfy this

    • Maybe add coloured background alternating to break up the different sections - make it easier to follow - could use the shapes/colours of the shapes to group the sections

    • Category descriptions are lighter weight than rest of text - make heavier?

  • Website partner’s activities https://docs.google.com/document/d/1p_ByuBo723hxTQcf2kXO0DX-yDu_oqWtmIkTkzgrb4Q/edit?usp=sharing

  • Storytelling Tool https://stories.floeproject.org/


  • Finishing semester in Spain!

  • Working on report

  • Documents to put on website? Validating the functionality of the site - 2 documents with these results - could be great to put these on the site - need to send these to IDRC

  • Describe the methodology of storytelling, methodology of maps

  • Silvia will let us know

  • If you need a place for a resource to “live” we can put it on the wiki, and then link to that from the resources page

  • Dynamic of FUTCO - people interested in working on different things

    • E.g. government $ for event in August

    • Advancing in the schedule  

    • Maintaining the 2 websites

    • New stories on Cuentalo page

  • 1. Maintain work of 2018 - 2 websites,

  • 2. Methodology for creation of OERs - use OER Commons, Wordpress

    • Young people will be the authors

    • Guardians - 2 OER’s from daily routine - have many videos, pictures

    • Young women in Cartagena - obstetric violence OERs

    • Policy of young

    • Non-academic resources, rather resources for collaboration, where they can actively add content

  • 3. Musicians - create a music album about SJRK!

    • They were Guardians, originally of pandilla gangs (like Guerillas, but in the city)

  • Event in August - want us to come!

    • Have been talking with Pilar about it

    • Roberto is organising the event - 2000 Guardians, plus many others!

  • Dana to let Silvia know if workplan is ok or needs more details/dates

  • Jutta’s travel to Cartagena in August is covered by the University - can travel budget be used for us to join the event?


  • Storytelling workshop tomorrow with IDRC!

  • Revisiting proposal for next year - which are most feasible,


  • Been working on the storytelling tool for the workshops

  • Gathering resources for website

  • Partner’s activities content for site


  • Students off until Feb 15

  • Hector, Carolina, Juliana - organising trip to Fresno Feb 14, 15 - going with Hector

  • Work with students and teachers to tell about their experiences

  • Want to figure out how to get more schools involved in the region

  • There are lots of people interested in participating

  • Meet with others who have done workshops - how to get them involved in this project

  • Will have many more questions after the trip