(SJRK) December 18, 2018 Partners Meeting


  • Avtar

  • Gregor

  • Juliana

  • Liam

  • Michelle


  • Request for resources, descriptions, URLs https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IDe1kKPVa9POaGrZcXBEJfHxxPjdLiF1-qHfrm72rJk/edit#gid=840029543
  • Is there common ground that can be explored between the partners for their plans for the next year?

    • Synergy!

  • Karisma may be on holidays starting tomorrow

  • Juliana needs to make sure Pilar knows about some of the resources on the list

  • Hoping that the work with the group in Medellín will continue and that Tata can go and work with them in person sometime in January

  • TIG has been talking with indigenous language stakeholders to make sure that the work they’re doing still fits with the storytelling tool, otherwise slowing down as the year comes to a close

  • Gregor has been working on adding video sharing capabilities to the Storytelling Tool, and after that will add audio

  • Learning to learn story jams being planned for January

  • Michelle and Dana spent some time in Ahmedabad visiting with a group of women who run co-operatives, great stuff

  • Does the TIGed Learning Platform work offline or on a LAN?

  • Needs to be explored, Liam will ask his tech people if they’ve seen an implementation of this before and follow up