(SJRK) October 2, 2018 Partners Meeting


  • Focus on resources

  • Be generous in terms of resources that are related to the project, or influenced by the project etc.

  • Fresno - Hector working on local network & giving access to everyone that show the whole process - have photos and videos - provide a link

  • Hoping Giovanna will receive visa in time!

  • Thursday 11th - book the collab room for possible work time

  • https://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/%28SJRK%29+Face+to+Face+Partners+Meeting+October+10%2C+2018+-+Agenda

  • Activity

    • Include work plan for the upcoming year - allow us to strengthen and align the workplans

    • Resources that someone has created that could be generalised more - IDRC can make more general

  • Juliana is leaving Karisma :(

  • Tata? Will be joining the project

  • Karisma is receiving an award! Next Gen Leadership Award - Open Con Community - Juliana will be in Toronto to receive the reward on Nov 2 (4 days)

  • Part of Mozfest in London - presenting a session with Diego (our Diego :)

    • El Planeta es la Escuela - working offline